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Navigating Your Financial Journey
If there’s one thing my financial endeavors have taught me, it’s that mistakes can be expensive teachers. Let me help you dodge some common financial missteps that can trip you up on your path to financial success
Coping With Stock Market Holidays
As a seasoned day trader who has spent countless hours studying charts, patterns, and market trends, I’ve come to realize how stock market holidays can impact my routine and results. These holidays tend to throw a wrench into the market’s momentum
Reflecting On My Recent Trading
I started my morning just like any other trading day, reviewing my charts and setting up my watchlist. Pre-market preparation is my sacred mantra. It’s the time when I analyze the market trends, potential movers, and set my trade expectations
Stock Market Explained For Beginners
When I looked at videos on stocks, while they said they were for beginners, they were long and advanced. Here is a concise beginner’s guide to the stock market.
Top 4 Indicators Every Beginner Trader Should Use
Today, we will be speaking about the top 4 indicators every beginner trader should have on their charts.
The Simplest Day Trading Strategy For Beginner Traders
The first thing that a beginner trader should know is what their goal is. And hopefully you've got a goal of taking one or two trades a day where you’re minimizing the risk while maximizing the potential for gain.
Why I Don’t Short Stocks
I am predominantly a long-biased trader. I trade the market to the long side, which means I buy stocks with the goal of selling them at a higher price.
First Green Day In Italy Trade Recap
I’m going to finish this morning up $6,825. A nice big green day.
APPY +$1766 On Gap And Go Setup
This morning I took a Gap and Go trade on APPY with a long at 6.00 and exit through the spike to 6.60s. I then took a second entry at 5.34 on the pullback and curl, and rode that on the move back to 5.50.
1 to 9 of 9 Posts