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APM Case Study And Trading Recap
Despite lacking a fresh news catalyst, Apttorum turned out to be the MVP of my trading day.
Hulu Stock Price: A Comprehensive Analysis Of Investing In Hulu
In this comprehensive analysis, we will delve into the ownership structure of Hulu, and the future prospects of its parent companies, and explore alternative investment opportunities in the streaming industry.
Elon Musk Vs. Twitter Saga: Overview On The Court Case
Many legal experts are weighing in on this case and most see the case going in Twitter’s direction, especially now that Twitter got their request for an expedited trial granted.
Stock Splits: Are They Good Or Bad?
Companies may decide to split their shares for a couple of reasons, but they usually have little to do with the fundamental performance of the business.
Stock Market Overview For The Week Of July 18, 2022
This past week we got new red-hot CPI numbers, further drama in the Elon Musk and Twitter saga, and the start of earnings season.
Why Some Stocks Drop After Good Earnings Announcements
If you own shares in a particular company, earnings reports are a great way to stay up to date with its financial performance. The information contained in an earnings report may be a factor in deciding whether to sell some shares or buy more.
What Is A Candlestick Shadow?
A candlestick shadow represents the extremes of where the price visited during the life of a candlestick on a chart before closing at its ultimate price.
CMF Indicator – How To Trade With Chaikin Money Flow
Developed by stock analyst Marc Chaikin, this oscillator is based on the idea that when the closing price of a financial instrument is nearer to the low, a distribution occurs, whereas if the closing price is near the high, an accumulation occurs.
Average Directional Index Indicator Explained
Here, we will highlight the Average Directional Index (ADX), which is an important indicator that is used to measure trend strength. We’ll discuss what this indicator does, how it is calculated, and what traders use it for.
How The US Weaponized The Dollar Against Russia
The US and NATO’s response to the Russia/Ukraine war has upended the post-WWII global order we’ve all gotten used to. And nobody really knows if that’s permanent or temporary.
Basis Points: What They Are, How They're Used
This seemingly tiny unit of measure is most commonly used when market analysts and finance professionals are discussing percentages, especially tiny percentage changes where the values to the right of the decimal point are significant.
Red Bull Stock Price: Are They A Public Company?
Many on Wall Street think Red Bull shares would be one to own if they were available to the general investing public.
This Fed Meeting Changed Everything
The March 2022 Federal Reserve meeting represents a massive shift in the Fed’s approach to monetary policy and inflation.
Why The Stock Market Closes
There are many stock markets across the globe, with most of them operating throughout the weekdays. But the timetable of trading hours varies considerably depending on each region or country.
What Are Market Internals And How To Use Them
You can think of market internals like giving the market a check-up at the doctor's office. You’re aware of your health without going to the doctor, but having a doctor take your heart rate, blood pressure, etc. can shine a light on any blind spots.
What Is A Gap Fill In Stocks?
One strategy that traders can employ involves trading gap fill stocks or playing the gap. While the concept is surprisingly simple, successful execution of this can be challenging. Let's take a closer look.
1 to 16 of 69 Posts
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