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Should I Trade Penny Stocks That Trade OTC?
If you’re a day trader that doesn’t mind some risk, you may find yourself interested in penny stocks. These stocks have the potential for huge returns but they come with a lot of risks.
How Do SVXY And VXX Work? Volatility (VIX) ETFs Explained
Volatility trading is a really interesting space full of extremely smart people who think about markets differently than most.
What Are LUPA Stocks?
LUPA is a relatively new acronym that refers to four high-profile tech companies that have made their public debuts in recent years.
Technical Indicators And How To Choose Them For Day Trading
Day traders use technical analysis indicators out of absolute necessity.
Large Cap Vs Small Cap: What’s The Difference?
Market cap is a measure of a company’s value that investors are placing on the company at a given point in time. This measure refers to the total dollar value of a company’s outstanding shares of stock.
What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Day Trading
Here are the tips and tricks that would’ve saved me tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary losses and sped up my learning curve by months, if not years.
My Trade Recap: Base Hit Day +$733
Today's my sixth consecutive green day which certainly feels good. In this recap, in this article and video I cover PRPO, INNT, RESC, ATHE, ROAN, and VERB.
Difference Between A Stop And A Limit Order
Day trading is a rewardable profession that can be quite profitable but only if you do your homework. Learning the basics of trading before you risk real money in the market is a must.
Top Tips For Managing Risk In Your Trading Account
Trading is a difficult professional so having an understanding of how to manage your risk will help you keep money in your account.
HTG Molecular Diagnostics Shares Soar On Positive Phase 3 Data
Technology continues to expand and impress with the breadth of what it is capable of accomplishing. The very latest advances often have to do with DNA.
3 Personal Finance Tips For Young Professionals
Now that you've started your career you have to decide how you're going to spend your money responsibly. Below are some ways to get you in a solid financial situation.
Netflix Q4 Earnings Preview: What You Need To Know
All eyes are on Netflix this week as they are set to release fourth quarter earnings on Wednesday after the market closes. Analysts are expecting earnings per share to come in at 13 cents on estimates of $2.47 billion in revenue.
4 Significant Planning Points To Guard Family Assets
Regardless of the current economic conditions or future expectations, abiding by a few simple, but sound and proven strategies will greatly help planning a successful future of your family assets.
When Opening Ranges Fail
Opening range breakouts can be a great trading strategy if executed properly, but when you see them fail, look to trade to the other side, as this is where traders will most likely want to take prices.
Trading With Edge: Know Your Patterns
Last week, Apple formed a well-defined bull flag following the morning push up. From the 5-minute chart, Apple shares popped from the open on solid volume before retracing to the VWAP.
No-New High Trade Setup: Using Pre-Market Levels To Trade The SPY
Pre-market levels play an important part throughout the day so knowing how to use them is a great way to find favorable risk/reward setups.
1 to 16 of 23 Posts
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