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Perhaps more than any other time in the last six decades, the fate of markets is inextricably intertwined with the ebb and flow of geopolitics. From the ECB's attempts to use the central bank's balance sheet to influence political outcomes across the eurozone to Saudi Arabia's ... more


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‘He’s Putting The Prosperity Of The World At Risk’: Trump’s WTO Threat Has Experts Holding Their Breath
In case you were wondering whether Axios is going to leave Trump alone when it comes to reminding America that he is not-so-quietly talking to his advisors about effectively blowing up the global trade order, the answer is definitively “no”.
Soros Vs. Robertson: One Pro Relives A Clash Of The Titans
Regular readers know Kevin Muir, the former trader who writes the popular Macro Tourist daily letter. His new blog, "Where Is Beeks?“, is dedicated to tales from a time when trading was done by carbon-based lifeforms.
‘The Results Look Pretty Bleak’
You have been warned (again)...
(A New) Record VIX Short
Make of it what you will...
Transparency: The Dark Side
Epic new post on the "fourth wall"...
‘Tell That To Rain Man’
"You gotta be super smart buddy, ok?"...
Monsters Under The Bed.
"Yet that doesn’t mean that none of them will. Investors would do well to consider which risks are just a fictional monster under the bed — and where the market is asleep at the wheel"...
Moody’s: ‘Perhaps’ You Should ‘Brace For A 20% Plunge In The Next 18 Months’
"...the prudent investor should be braced for at least a -20% plunge in the value of a well-diversified portfolio at some point during the next 18 months."
Trader: My Glass Is Half Full So Don’t Ruin It For Me, Ok?
"And yet, I almost feel like I’m being an iconoclast by choosing to take a sip from a glass half full"...
Goldman Warns: Brace For A Volatile October
Brace for impact...
‘North Korea’s H-Bomb Threat Has Limited Impact’ Analyst Imagines
"And it got still more ridiculous"...
Dimon Renews Assault On The Religion Of Bitcoin: ‘It’s Worth Nothing.’
Dimon is back at it. here's the video...
Goldman Asks: ‘What Is Going On With Tech?’
Goldman just wants to know one thing on Thursday
1 Million.
"It's not crazy"...
In 2020, It All Goes ‘Horribly Right’
"Hang in there baby"...
One Chart Suggests S&P Just Did China Bulls A ‘Bigly’ Favor
You just need one chart...
1 to 16 of 207 Posts
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