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Perhaps more than any other time in the last six decades, the fate of markets is inextricably intertwined with the ebb and flow of geopolitics. From the ECB's attempts to use the central bank's balance sheet to influence political outcomes across the eurozone to Saudi Arabia's efforts ...more

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For ETF Providers, There Are Worse Things Than A Selloff
In a world where passive investing reigns, there are worse things than selloffs if you're on the "right" side of the epochal active-to-passive shift.
OPEC Slashes Demand Forecasts For Its Crude As WTI Logs Record Losing Streak
Less than 48 hours after suggesting production cuts are in the cards, OPEC slashed demand estimates for the cartel’s crude.
For The First Time In 5 Years, China Drops Key Currency Pledge In Sign Of Growing Angst
Earlier this month, the yuan staged a rally so large that it qualified as a 6+ standard deviation event going all the way back to the end of the dollar peg.
Beware The ‘Tightening Tantrum’ And Fear The ‘Lights-Out’ Trade
The confluence of bullish technicals which have variously conspired to ignite a powerful rally of the late October lows are playing out against a backdrop of tightening financial conditions.
Bad Omen: The Buyback Trajectory Is Slowing
Anytime there’s a selloff and folks are looking for excuses to stay bullish, buybacks obviously come up and it’s not hard to understand why.
Chinese Stocks Have A New Biggest Worry: Plunging Liquor
Amid generally mixed trading in Asian shares to start the week, don’t let it be lost on you that mainland shares in China suffered another grievous blow, falling more than 2% for the fifth session in October.
‘Private’ Parts: Explosion In Private Debt Market Cements ‘Liquidity As The New Leverage’
Back on November 16, 2017, Goldman outlined their “top ten themes” for the coming year. Number 10 on that list was “Illiquidity Is the New Leverage”. There is, Goldman warned, voracious demand for “anything without a Cusip”.
‘Gamma Gravity’ And A Literal ‘Red’ Alert ‘Psyche Shift’
Let me tell you something: When it comes to daily coverage of the evolving macro narrative and the intersection of that narrative with modern market structure, Nomura’s Charlie McElligott is on it, dammit.
Chinese Shares Will Now Fall Some More If It Pleases The Court
Things went further off the rails for Chinese equities on Monday, as geopolitical jitters around a possible diplomatic row between Washington and Riyadh weighed on already fragile sentiment.
Janet Yellen Reminds You That If A Halfway Politicized Fed Is Bad, A Completely Politicized Fed Is By Definition Worse
On Thursday, while speaking to reporters in the Oval Office, Trump said he’s not ready to “fire” Jerome Powell, but he did say that when it comes to monetary policy he (Trump) “knows better than they do”, where “they” is the Fed.
Chinese Stocks Could Fall 10% In ‘Bear’ Case, 30% In ‘Crisis’ Scenario
Mainland shares have been mired in a bear market for quite a while thanks in no small part to the psychological overhang from the trade war with the Trump administration.
‘Rolling Minsky Moments’ And ‘Pseudo-Stability’: Revisiting The Avalanche
What happened this week is still further evidence to support the notion that the low vol. regime was but a veneer of stability masking a potentially dangerous buildup of risk beneath the surface.
‘I’ve Got Plenty Of Buyers’: Steve Mnuchin Says People Are Lining Up To Invest In Trump’s Banana Republic
You are "free to do what you want", but Steve knows you really - really - want some Treasurys.
Reality Versus Market Agitprop: Did Everyone Really Turn Bearish On Wednesday?
There seemed to be some misinformation circulating on Friday afternoon.
'We’re (Still) Not Winning!' China Logs Another Record Surplus With The US Ahead Of Tariff Bite
China’s exports managed to jump 14.5% in dollar terms last month, well ahead of expectations for an 8.2% gain. Imports rose 14.3% YoY, a shade below consensus.
Ruh-Roh! ECB Won’t Rescue Italy, May Force Populists Into E.U. Bailout
On Thursday Reuters reported that the ECB will not throw Italy a life preserver in the event the government or the banking sector runs out of money. That is of course unless the populist government first goes hat in hand to the E.U. for a bailout.
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