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Mr. Slome is a CFA charterholder (Chartered Financial Analyst), a CFP®certificant (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®), and a member of the CFA Institute and the FPA® (Financial Planning Association®). Mr. Slome has worked in the investment industry since 1993, and Bloomberg ... more


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GDP Figures & Election Jitters
Ever since the beginning of 2020, it’s been a tale of two cities.
Politics & COVID Tricks
Thanks to a global epidemic, trillions of dollars instantly disappeared during the first quarter of this year, and then, abracadabra… the losses turned into gains and magically reappeared in the subsequent two quarters.
Technology: Let The Good Times Roll
Investing in technology, including the likes of the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) has been a lucrative strategy over the last two decades, especially since the end of the bursting dot-com technology bubble in 2002.
Pedal To The Metal Leads To Record Rebound
Like a race car pushing the pedal to the metal, the stock market sped to its best quarterly stock market gains in decades. The +20% rebound in the 2nd quarter S&P 500 index was the best result achieved since 1998.
What The Heck & What Now?
The COVID-19 viral pandemic that hit our shores in early 2020 shut down the economy to a virtual halt, and unemployment has skyrocketed to an estimated 19%. All this destruction has investors asking themselves, “What the heck, and what now?
Movie Deja Vu – Coronavirus
The damaging economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate rapidly on a daily basis as governments, global health agencies, corporations, and individuals respond.
A Tale Of Two Years: Happy & Not-So-Happy
If you look at the stock market, 2019 was indeed a happy one. The S&P 500 index rose +29% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up +22%. Spectacular, right?
Investors Scared Silly While Stocks Enjoy Sugar High
For the month of October, the S&P 500 index climbed another +2.0% and set a new monthly-high record. The same can be said for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which also set a new monthly record at 27,046, up +0.5% from the previous month.
Missing The Financial Forest For The Political Trees
As many investors fall prey to the mesmerizing, but inconsequential headlines, financial markets have not fallen asleep or gotten distracted.
Chinese Checkers Or Chess?
The rules of the U.S.-China trade war game are continually changing.
Central Bank Fires Insurance Bullet
US companies added 148,000 workers to payrolls in July (on a seasonally adjusted basis), the Labor Department reports. The gain is below June’s increase, but the one-year trend for private payrolls was steady, as expected,at a respectable +1.7%.
March Madness Leads To Gladness
Some investors suffered the agony of defeat in the financial markets, but overall, the thrill of victory triumphed in March.
From Gloom To Boom
Although 2018 ended with a gloomy storm, history tells us that sunny conditions have a way of eventually returning unexpectedly with a boom.
January A Ball After Year-End Fall
Investors were cheerfully dancing last month after the stock market posted its best January in 30 years and the best monthly performance since October 2015. More specifically, the S&P 500 index started the year by catapulting +7.9% higher.
EC The Roller Coaster December To Remember
Last month turned out to be a memorable one for stock market investors, but unforgettable for many of the wrong reasons. Santa Claus left more dark coal than shiny gifts, making it the worst December since 1931.
Will Santa Leave A Lump Of Coal?
For the first 11 months of the year, the Dow has rejoiced with a +3.3% advance, and the S&P 500 has celebrated a rise of +3.2% – and these results exclude additional dividends of approximately 2%.
1 to 16 of 110 Posts
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