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President/Founder, Sidoxia Capital Management
Mr. Slome is a CFA charterholder (Chartered Financial Analyst), a CFP®certificant (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®), and a member of the CFA Institute and the FPA® (Financial Planning Association®). Mr. Slome has worked in the investment industry since 1993, and Bloomberg identified ...more

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Dow Knocking On The Door Of 40,000
We are only 25% of the way through the year, but the Dow is knocking on the 40,000-milestone door. The way things look now, investors are wiping their feet on the welcome doormat and ready to walk right in.
The Art Of Maximizing Gains And Minimizing Taxes In A World Of AI
The weather may be cold during winter, but stocks were scorching hot last month, fueled in part by the surge in performance from AI (Artificial Intelligence) stocks.
Quickly Out Of The Gate
As money sloshes around the world, the 2024 investing race has a long way before it’s over, but at least the stock market has quickly gotten out of the gate and built a small lead.
This Baby Bull Has Time To Grow
The last two years have been like riding a rollercoaster. For the year just ended, much of the year felt like a party, but 2022 felt more like a funeral.
Did Santa Claus Come Early This Year?
With all this potential recession talk, you would expect a lump of coal to arrive in your stocking this year. But quite the contrary, Santa Claus appears to have arrived early this year, as evidenced by the +8.9% spike in prices last month.
No Market Roar Due To War
Stock prices were down again for the month, and investment sentiment has been souring due to the war in the Middle East, but there is still plenty of reasons to remain constructive.
Consumer Wallets Strong, Rate Hikes Long, What Could Go Wrong?
Consumer wallets and balance sheets remain flush with cash as employment remains near record-high levels. 
Mission Accomplished?
The Fed has a “dual mandate” that is designed to “foster economic conditions that achieve both stable prices and maximum sustainable employment.” This is a moving target, but it appears that Jerome Powell has accomplished the central bank’s mission.
Hollywood Shuts Down & Market Goes Uptown
July set a record as the hottest month in 120,000 years. In order to beat the scorching heat, millions of Americans made the pilgrimage to their local air-conditioned movie theaters to watch the combo blockbuster “Barbenheimer”.
Fight The Fed… Or Risk Your Account Going Dead
It is true that “not fighting the Fed” worked well last year, but following the same strategy this year would have only resulted in a large bath of tears.
From Hard Landing To Soft Landing To No Landing?
Although currently, there are many financial crosswinds swirling, the good news is that in the near term, the economy has been maintaining its elevation and there is no imminent sign of a hard landing.
Recession Storm Fears Reign Supreme As Stocks Gain Steam
It may not be time to bust out the sunscreen quite yet, but the dark economic clouds of 2022 appear to be lifting slowly.
Feasting On A Full Plate Of Concerns
Investors and Thanksgiving feasters alike had a full plate to consume last month – and there has been a lot to digest.
Armageddon Or Time To Get In?
We may not be completely out of the woods just yet, however, a lot of the bad cat news is arguably out of the bag.
Fed Ripping Off The Inflation Band-Aid
Ripping off the Band-Aid can be painful in the short-run, but the long-term gains achieved during the healing process can be much more pleasurable.
Heartburn Pains After Digesting Market Gains
After gorging on +9% gains in the stock market S&P 500 index during July, investors suffered some heartburn pain in August (-4%).
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