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Earned a bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Pittsburgh before deciding to switch gears and pursue a career in the financial field. I went on to earn an MBA, also at the University of Pittsburgh. I worked for nearly three decades in the investment business, including ...more


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This Luxury Giant’s Stock Is Dirt-Cheap
LVMH stock is suffering from a classic conglomerate discount. Let’s take a look.
Time To Buy This Mining Giant
BHP is using its healthy balance sheet both to buy smaller miners and to build organically, but the company has kept to well-traveled paths.
ABBV: This Top Biotech Just Went On A Buying Spree
AbbVie stock is a buy following its recent merger & acquisition activity (Immunogen and Cerevel).
Get In On This Gas Powerhouse Stock
Merger and acquisition activity continues to sweep across the energy sector. In the latest deal, Chesapeake Energy agreed to acquire Southwestern Energy for $7.4 billion, in a transaction that will create the largest natural gas producer in the U.S.
EADSY: Forget Boeing – Fly With This Stock Instead
Airbus’s stock has recouped all the losses caused by the pandemic, with the shares touching a record high recently.
C: This Bank Turnaround Story Could Soar
In recent decades, Citigroup has become the one bank stock that Wall Street dislikes and that, as a result, gets kicked around. That may be about to change.
You Can Still Profit From Japan
Japan’s poor economic performance since the late 1980s has gone hand-in-glove with an even lousier stock market.
Another Reason To Buy Munis Today
Ever since Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell told the markets to expect the Fed to cut interest rates several times in 2024, the bond market has been on a tear.
Muni Bonds Are Booming - And You Can Still Get In
Recent weeks have seen a massive global bond rally on growing optimism the Federal Reserve has nearly finished hiking interest rates and will soon have to hit a pause on its tightening regime.
November’s Surprising Sector Winner
Real estate investment trusts (REITs), which have been beaten down by surging interest rates and economic uncertainty, are now showing signs of strength.
Uranium Still Hot - Get In Now
For the first time in history, uranium has moved into a persistent and widening supply deficit. That means, despite the price rise, it’s still a good time to get into uranium.
The Best Dividend ETF
Rather than giving shelter from an expected stormy economy, the largest dividend ETFs have been left behind by an AI-obsessed market in 2023. This year to date, the S&P 500 has gained 19% and the Nasdaq 100 has surged 47%.
Lock In A 500% Return In 7 Years
Qurate Retail saw its business decimated by the pandemic-related supply chain issues. The company’s share price cratered. However, the investing public has not yet noticed the company is on its way to a recovery.
The Contrarian Trade For 2024 Is A Blast From The Past
Corporate America’s overall borrowed debt totals $13 trillion, according to Federal Reserve data. That’s a big number and looks even bigger now.
KO: Plenty Of Fizz Left In This Soda Giant
Coca-Cola is a Dividend Aristocrat, having increased its dividend every year for the past 61 years, and it is currently expected to keep on doing so.
MSFT: Why Only One Of The “Magnificent Seven” Stocks Is Still Rallying
Microsoft’s early investment in OpenAI means it is leading the field, and its CapEx spending shows that it is planning to pull further away from the competition.
1 to 16 of 99 Posts
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