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Earned a bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Pittsburgh before deciding to switch gears and pursue a career in the financial field. I went on to earn an MBA, also at the University of Pittsburgh. I worked for nearly three decades in the investment business, including ...more


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Netflix Is Back On Top
While Netflix’s outlook is improving, there is no denying the U.S. streaming market is saturated. That means if any further growth does come from Netflix, it will come from overseas.
The SVB Effect Is Spreading
The only thing markets are watching, at the moment, is the fallout from the Silicon Valley Bank collapse last week.
Invest In The 2023 Air Travel Boom
Airlines have become perpetual motion machines. The global economy is weak, and fuel prices are rising, yet there is an apparently relentless demand for flying around the world. It’s an air travel boom.
Profiting From A Messy Energy Transition
Today, investment in new oil and gas supply is well below what it was a decade ago. And investment in clean energy, though accelerating, is not increasing as quickly as it needs to. As investors, here’s how we position ourselves for this.
Staying Bullish On Natural Gas
The United States is expected to become the world’s largest exporter of liquified natural gas (LNG) in 2023.
LHX: Ride This Rocket Maker To Profits
L3Harris Technologies is best known for communications and electronic technologies embedded in weapons systems, such as sensors, as well as for its involvement in the space program.
The Real Winner Of The AI Wars
2022 was truly a breakout year for generative artificial intelligence, which can produce fluent textual responses to questions, draft stories, and generate images on demand.
This Boring Stock Will Be A Winner In 2023
America’s more traditional mid-cap companies in dull sectors such as chemicals are coming to the fore as good buys. One we particularly like is Celanese (CE).
BHP: The One Stock That Will Benefit From The Coming Copper Shortage
BHP Group is a mining giant that produces the most copper among the world’s largest mining companies.
An EV Boom ‘Picks And Shovels’ Play
There are better and safer, ways to get in on the EV boom than the wild ride Tesla shareholders have had to endure over the past year.
Shell: Why This Oil Major Remains A Buy
Shell remains an unloved, but high-return, investment.
HEI: Fly Into Profits With This Stock
Sunnier days are returning to the global travel industry, especially air travel.
Oilfield Services Stocks That Are Booming
The energy sector is one that keeps rewarding its investors. A look at the so-called “Big Three” oil services companies.
Rio Tinto Is Paying Off Big-Time For Investors
Rio Tinto PLC's strategic moves over the past few years are really starting to come together. Long-term decision-making and some smart acquisitions are providing a strong growth path for the miner.
NGG: A Recession-Proof Stock With A 6% Yield
National Grid plc operates the U.K.’s electricity grid, connecting electricity generation from all sources (power stations, wind farms, solar, and hydro) to end users.
AstraZeneca’s Next “Wonder Drug”
Enhertu is an antibody-drug conjugate, a type of therapy designed to do minimal damage to healthy, non-cancerous cells. Wall Street analysts believe that Enhertu has the potential to become a key growth driver for AstraZeneca.
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