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Earned a bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Pittsburgh before deciding to switch gears and pursue a career in the financial field. I went on to earn an MBA, also at the University of Pittsburgh. I worked for nearly three decades in the investment business, including ...more

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This Energy Midstream Mega-Deal Will Be A Winner
U.S. natural gas pipeline giant ONEOK is set to buy Magellan Midstream Partners, which owns a pipeline network that primarily transports crude oil and refined products for $18.8 billion.
PEP: Forget Tech; Invest Here Instead
While it’s tempting to buy big tech right now, the safer investing route is consumer staples companies that have strong brands.
How To Play The Upcoming U.S. Manufacturing Boom
The U.S. seems poised for a manufacturing boom as companies tap into government subsidies, pledging to spend tens of billions of dollars on new projects.
GSK: Add This Cheap Chip Play To Your Portfolio
GSK pays a decent quarterly dividend. The latest declared dividend is $0.35 per share, giving GSK a yield of 3.85%.
BHP Group: The Top Play In Copper
As we seek to electrify everything, from power generation to transportation, copper is the one material that’s used everywhere in the energy transition. This is where BHP Group steps in and shines.
Alibaba’s Bold New Survival Strategy
Alibaba hopes to please both investors and Beijing bureaucrats with a major restructuring into six business units.
How To Get High-Yield, Tax-Advantaged Income
A typical trade-off for most high-yield investments is that they pay non-tax-qualified dividends, which would be taxed at your marginal income tax rate.
Get Dividend Rewards From The ChatGPT Craze
Chipmakers are benefiting from booming demand for the semiconductors needed for chatbots. And they will continue to benefit, no matter who wins the AI race.
FMX: Look At This Retail Winner From South Of The Border
Fomento Económico Mexicano operates the largest independent Coca-Cola bottling group in the world as well as the largest convenience store chain in Mexico.
UL: The Brand-Name Giant Doing A Huge Profit Turnaround
Unilever looks to be poised for a major turnaround, thanks to the entry of a new CEO.
Apple’s Next Big Thing
Later this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to cement his legacy by revealing the company’s ‘next big thing’. He hopes that Apple’s mixed-reality headset will become the next iPhone.
If You’re Worried About Banks, Invest In Municipal Bonds Instead
One reason municipal bonds make sense for many investors is that many issuers have a monopoly over their services and don’t face competition as corporations do.
Netflix Is Back On Top
While Netflix’s outlook is improving, there is no denying the U.S. streaming market is saturated. That means if any further growth does come from Netflix, it will come from overseas.
The SVB Effect Is Spreading
The only thing markets are watching, at the moment, is the fallout from the Silicon Valley Bank collapse last week.
Invest In The 2023 Air Travel Boom
Airlines have become perpetual motion machines. The global economy is weak, and fuel prices are rising, yet there is an apparently relentless demand for flying around the world. It’s an air travel boom.
Profiting From A Messy Energy Transition
Today, investment in new oil and gas supply is well below what it was a decade ago. And investment in clean energy, though accelerating, is not increasing as quickly as it needs to. As investors, here’s how we position ourselves for this.
1 to 16 of 52 Posts
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