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Anthony M. Cherniawski is a principal of TPI. He has a Bachelor of Communication Arts degree from Michigan State University (1972). His business experience is as follows: 

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Special Report: TNX
TNX, the CBOE 10-Year Treasury Yield Index, is being driven higher as the European countries spiral into default and bankruptcy.
SPX: On A Bounce
S&P 500 is on a bounce that may be an attempt to get above the short gamma zone at 3750.00. However, overhead resistance lies at 3780.00, making it difficult to do so.
NDX Futures: A New Retracement High
NDX futures rose to 12478.90, a new retracement high and confirmation of the probable extension of the rally. 
SPX Futures: Starting A New Master Cycle
SPX futures started what may be day 1 of its new Master Cycle by declining to test the 100-day Moving Average at 4116.53. The Top may have occurred on day 259.
USD Futures Rose To A New High
USD futures rose to a new high at 108.39 this morning. With 4 more weeks to go in its current Master Cycle, one may speculate whether it may exceed its prior all-time high at 121.21. 
Nasdaq Futures Crashed To A New Bear Market Low
Nasdaq futures crashed to a new bear market low , at 11435.20 and is hovering near the low. I don’t have to explain much about the impact that op-ex has, especially when it is in short gamma.
S&P 500: Looking Positive
SPX futures are looking positive this morning, challenging Intermediate-term support/resistance at 4126.11.
The Old Lip Of The Cup With Handle
VIX is +18%, trading at 32.5 as of writing, highest levels since January 2021. What most people tend to forget is that buying protection in panic is usually an expensive strategy.
Presidents Day
SPX futures rallied to a high of 4396.40 at 2:00 am, then sold off. The financial markets are closed for President’s day.
Thursday Morning Markets Report - Jan. 6, 2022
The day so far, in charts. QQQ (384.29) must rise a hefty 2.5 to 3% to achieve its Max Pain zone at 394.00 at options expiration tomorrow.Gold futures are down beneath all supports this morning, creating a powerful sell signal. 
SPX Futures In Decline
VIX futures rose to an overnight high of 20.81, thus far. The Cycles Model calls for the next interval to be in the last week of December.
Monday Bounce, Not So Fast!
While lighter than the past, today’s SPX options expiration shows positive gamma at 4560.00 and higher, while negative gamma starts at 4550.00.
The Worst Is Yet To Come…
SPX futures rose to an overnight high of 4554.00, for the first time not overlapping its previous low. 
VIX Futures Rose To An Overnight High
SPX futures plunged back beneath Intermediate-term support at 4616.50 this morning to an overnight low of 4586.10 as the bear market resumes. 
SPX: At An Interesting Crossroad
Friday’s selloff, fueled by the emergence of a new Covid-19 variant, brought a firm halt to the market’s exuberance of recent weeks.
SPX Futures Rose To A New All-Time High
SPX futures rose to a new all-time high 4465.30, then eased back to the flat line.
1 to 16 of 189 Posts
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