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Financial analyst, freelance writer, and portfolio manager
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Tom Konrad is a financial analyst, portfolio manager, and freelance writer specializing in renewable energy and energy efficiency investing.  He writes articles about investing in clean energy for, and at the more


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Too Good To Last? Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2019
The strong performance in the first quarter makes me nervous, especially since the last time we saw gains like these it was the stock market rebound from the financial crisis.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks: Valeo February Update
Weak industry growth and overoptimistic management projections in 2018 led Valeo stock to get massively beaten down. Despite the horrible year, the company was still profitable and paid a healthy dividend.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2018: Wrap-Up
While my full year performance was satisfactory, my short term predictions from the start of December fared less well.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2019
During bear markets, most investors reassess their willingness to take risk. Some sell all their stocks, while others reallocate their investments to less risky stocks.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2018: Quick November Update
I continue to be very concerned about stock market valuation and expect the correction that started last summer to continue in 2019.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2018: Third Quarter Earnings
The results of Tuesday’s election are likely to cause more volatility in the stock market no matter what happens, but I feel that we have reached at least a short term pause in the market correction that started in September.
Permaculture Design And Stock Market Investing
Once upon a time choosing stocks to invest in based on the fundamental value of the companies they represent (called fundamental or value investing) was the dominant paradigm for investors.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2018: Second Quarter Earnings
July and August saw some mild recovery for the stock market after a difficult first half of 2018. Clean energy income stocks continue to lag the broader market.
List Of Power Production Stocks
Alternative energy power production companies' main business is producing electricity from alternative energy installations: solar farms, wind farms, hydroelectric generators, geothermal plants, cogeneration facilities and nuclear plants.
List Of High Yield Alternative Energy Stocks
This is a list of renewable and alternative energy stocks with dividend or distribution yields above 4%.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2018: First Half Update
The first half of 2018 has been difficult for most investors, including clean energy investors and dividend income investors.
Energy Efficiency Stocks To Consider
Energy efficiency stocks are publicly traded companies using a wide range of technologies to deliver the same energy services using less energy in the built environment.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2018: Oddballs Spring Back
After a stormy winter for the broad market and clean energy stocks, March and April brought relative calm.
Compiling A List Of Biomass Stocks
Take a look at the list. Anybody missing? Anybody who doesn't belong?
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2018: Stormy Winter
While the broad market has been turbulent for the start of 2018, clean energy stocks have fared worse than most.
One Week, Three YieldCo Deals. Are More Buyouts On The Horizon?
There are signs of a boom (or even a bubble) in infrastructure funds. As long as this continues, we are likely to see more acquisitions of independent YieldCos.
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