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Financial analyst, freelance writer, and portfolio manager
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Tom Konrad is a financial analyst, portfolio manager, and freelance writer specializing in renewable energy and energy efficiency investing.  He writes articles about investing in clean energy for, and at the more


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Clean Energy Stock Deflation And Biden’s Infrastructure Plan
Clean energy stocks have simply returned to the general upward trendline from the second and third quarter of 2020.
Pop Goes The Clean Energy Stock Bubble
Joe Biden is as strong a supporter of clean energy as Donald Trump was a supporter of big fossil fuel companies, but even with control of the presidency and both chambers of congress, there is a limit to what a president can do in a short time.
SALT: Buying The Balitc Dry Dips
The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is a shipping and trade index created by the London-based Baltic Exchange. It measures changes in the cost of transporting various raw materials, such as coal and steel.
Voting And GameStop
Only a couple weeks ago, I quoted the market aphorism, “In the short-run, the market is a voting machine, but in the long-run, it is a weighing machine.”
Year In Review: 10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2020
While I can claim to have anticipated the 2020 bear market, if not its nature, I was surprised by two other market events driving stock prices.
Buying Foreign Stocks: To ADR Or Not To ADR
ADR fees are often withheld from dividend payments to ADR holders, but can also be charged directly to the account holding the ADR.
10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2021: Diversification
Rounding out the discussion of the stocks in my 10 Clean Energy Stocks for 2021 list are the two that don’t fit either of the themes I highlighted for 2021:
The Yieldco Virtuous Cycle
Although valuations feel very lofty, the past few years of fiscal discipline has led to lower payout ratios and reduced debt burdens.  Combined with current high share prices, conditions are right to kick off a new Yieldco virtuous cycle and boom.
Four Pick And Shovels Stocks
The last three months of 2020 brought an explosion in clean energy stock prices.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2021: The List
As is my annual tradition, here are my Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2021.
529 Plans Without The Fossil Fuels
The most popular way we have to save for our children’s future education is destroying their future by investing in fossil fuels. But the ability to choose between 51 different plans means you do have a few environmentally responsible options..
The Big Win You Missed
Sometimes you need to take responsibility, but sometimes you can't take it personally. "Woulda shoulda coulda" will only drive you mad.
10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2020: The Waiting
Despite high valuations, a rampaging pandemic, and the end of the $600 weekly supplemental unemployment payments from the CARES Act, the stock market continued upward in August.
10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2020: July Update
I’m continually surprised at the strength and length of the stock market recovery in the face of a worsening pandemic in the US. The stock market may not be the economy, but it’s not totally divorced from the economy either.
10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2020: June Update
In this hiatus between earnings seasons, news for individual stocks has been minimal, but the model portfolio has continued to recover with small gains in almost every position.
10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2020: Updates On GPP, HASI, CVA
Last week I warned, “The risks in today’s stock market outweigh the possibility of future potential gains.” Looks like we’re seeing those risks manifest in short order.
1 to 16 of 107 Posts
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