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Tom Konrad is a financial analyst, portfolio manager, and freelance writer specializing in renewable energy and energy efficiency investing.  He writes articles about investing in clean energy for, and at the more

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10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2020: July Update
I’m continually surprised at the strength and length of the stock market recovery in the face of a worsening pandemic in the US. The stock market may not be the economy, but it’s not totally divorced from the economy either.
10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2020: June Update
In this hiatus between earnings seasons, news for individual stocks has been minimal, but the model portfolio has continued to recover with small gains in almost every position.
10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2020: Updates On GPP, HASI, CVA
Last week I warned, “The risks in today’s stock market outweigh the possibility of future potential gains.” Looks like we’re seeing those risks manifest in short order.
10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2020 May Update: Red Eléctrica, Ebay, NFI Group
The risks in today’s stock market outweigh the possibility of future potential gains. Below are three updates on the individual stocks in the model portfolio.
10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2020: May, Update Part 1
The relatively poor performance of the model portfolio so far this year is mostly due to my attempt to limit trading.
Covanta And Green Plains Partners Don’t Let A Crisis Go To Waste
Covanta Holding Corp dropped its quarterly payout from $0.25 to $0.08 (a 68% cut) while Green Plains Partners slashed its quarterly distribution from $0.475 to $0.12, a drop of 74.75%.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2020: Trades
The losses all around are large, and when you are looking at a portfolio that’s down 20% to 30% year to date, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This interferes with good decision making.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2020: Navigating The Storm
The stocks in this list with the greatest economic exposure to the disruption caused by the covid-19 pandemic are Valeo, Green Plains Partners, and MiX Telematics.
Correction, Or Bear Market?
Calling market bottoms is nearly as difficult as not buying at market peaks. Right now, the stock market has been falling because investors understand that the covid-19 pandemic is damaging the economy and company profits.
Should Pattern Energy Shareholders Vote Against The Merger?
Yesterday morning, hedge fund Water Island Capital called on Pattern Energy shareholders to vote against the merger with the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board.
Divestment V Coronavirus: Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2020, January Update
January 2020- where do I start? A year of market-shaking news in a month.
2020 Hindsight: Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2019
My new stock list is heavily international, and partly hedged. Despite being wrong in 2019, in 2020, I’m doubling down on the thesis that there is a good chance of a bear market in the United States this year.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2020
Looking forward to 2020, the only thing I am sure of is that I have no idea what is going to happen to the stock market.
Trading Options And Foreign Stocks: When Low Trading Volume Is Not Illiquid
I have never included options in the model portfolio before because the commission structure did not make it cost effective for small investors to trade options.That has changed as leading discount brokers dropped the fixed part of the commission.
Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2019: Still Party Time
2019 has become another blockbuster year for the Ten Clean Energy Stocks model portfolio and, to a lesser extent clean energy stocks and the broad stock market as well.
How Free Commissions Change The Game For Small Investors
Schwab , ETrade, and TDAmeritrade have dropped their commissions for online stock trades to $0. The change opens up cost-effective individual stock investing to even the smallest investor, and also allows more investors to use option strategies.
1 to 16 of 94 Posts
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