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My name is Mike and I’m the author of The Dividend Guy Blog & The Dividend Monk along with the owner and portfolio manager here at more


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The Most Dangerous Investment Strategies
Moving strategies might be tempting, but it’s one of the most harmful bad habits. You might get lost in the process and end up with a bunch of holdings that have nothing to do with your goals.
No Dividend Growth: Keep Or Sell?
Can a dividend growth investor keep non-growing dividend stocks? We always insist on dividend growth, but what happens if your holding shows no more: should you keep or sell?
Are You Allowed To Speculate In A Dividend Portfolio?
After over a decade of double-digit returns, many companies saw their stock price drop this year. Added to inflation and interest uncertainties, it seems complicated to find safe buying opportunities.
Quarterly Earnings Review: Best And Worst News
The earnings season is almost over, and we are getting ready to start the final sprint toward the end of the year.
Worst Performing Stocks
Here are dividend growth stocks that show strong fundamentals but still got killed by the market this year. Which one is on your radar?
Best U.S. Performing Stocks
5 stocks that outperformed the US market in 2022 as of mid-June.
Best Stocks To Hold For The Recession
During a recession, it is not time to change your entire investment plan. But if you need to rebalance, sell some losers, or if you have money to invest, here are some good recession performers.
Dividend Growers Lists: Where To Find Good Stocks?
Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a list of the most amazing dividend growers and just pick some from the basket? Those lists exist, but today we’ll discuss their pros and cons and share our safe list.
I Hate Bitcoin, But I Like Crypto
As crypto is part of the investment world, here’s a guide to help investors understand what it is, what it is used for, the pros and cons, and my opinion and experience.
What’s On My Buy List?
They say to buy when there’s blood on the streets. Well, the road is quite red lately. It is not time to run away from investing, but rather to stay the course by grabbing some opportunities.
The Story Behind High-Risk Tolerance
So far, 2022 surely tested your risk tolerance. But what does mean to have a high-risk tolerance?
The Best SAAS Stocks
These companies are easy to understand and can be a great source of growth in one’s portfolio. Here are the best dividend SAAS.
6 Companies That Lost Their Magic Touch
6 well-known companies used to have it all. They were leaders in their industry, the market loved them, and investors were craving to get them.
It’s Going To Hurt, Stay Invested
The market has gone sideways for a while: Russian sanctions, outbreaks, inflation, and interest rates don’t help. There are also concrete signals that the worst is ahead.
Stock Buy: The 5 Most Important Points
What does “Doing your due diligence” really means? What should you do to avoid buying a stock that does not suit your investment plan?
What To Do When: Stock Splits, Acquisitions, Special Dividend, DRIPs And More
Intertape Polymer got acquired, what to do? Labrador Iron Ore just paid a special dividend, can you play on that? Starbucks stopped its shares buybacks program, good or bad?
1 to 16 of 30 Posts
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