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My name is Mike and I’m the author of The Dividend Guy Blog & The Dividend Monk along with the owner and portfolio manager here at more

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Best Sectors After Covid
Now that we understand a little better where the pandemic led the economy, it is easier to foresee what’s coming after it, and which changes to make to your portfolio, if any.
How To Protect Your Portfolio From Yourself
Your brain may be playing tricks on you and putting your portfolio at risk. These tricks are called investment biases. Today, we discuss these biases.
9 Tips To Invest Without Fear
The hardest thing to do when you want to achieve something big is to take the first step. As an investor, is it a good idea to leave your comfort zone? What kind of routine should you have?
3 Techniques To Avoid Dividend Cuts
Many companies would have cut their dividend sooner or later. The pandemic acted as an accelerator for both camps: it crushed weak companies and propelled thriving ones.
How To Build A Recession-Proof Portfolio With Dividend Growth Stocks
Why you should know your strengths and weaknesses and how it will help you build or improve your portfolio?
Retirement Portfolio – Let’s Start With The Basics: Budget And Cash
How to set a budget for your retirement? How much cash should you keep in your account when retiring?
Technology Sector: Expertise, Size And Reputation Are Its Best Assets
We use this sector to boost our portfolio value appreciation while supporting a minimum level of income.
Basic Materials: One Of The Best Sectors To Play
This is a sector prone to show many significant stock price movements within a comparatively short period of time. If you can buy industry leaders at their bottoms, you will look like a genius in the next commodity boom.
AT&T No Dividend Increase In December: What’s Happening?
Wireless communication remains AT&T’s largest business, contributing nearly 40% of revenue.
Top Dividend Stocks For 2021
What will 2021 bring us as investors? More dividends. Here are two stock ideas that are among my top picks for 2021.
Top Canadian Dividend Stocks For 2021
Here are a few companies that will pay and increase their dividends and will likely provide you with a nice capital appreciation.
What Should A Dividend Growth Investor Buy In 2021?
When is the right time to deploy a massive amount of money and what does a dividend growth investor buy in 2021?
Alimentation Couche-Tard: Invest In Electric Vehicles Growth Without Picking An EV Constructor
Alimentation Couche-Tard is a Canadian company that operates a network of convenience stores mostly across North America. While its yield is very low, it is an interesting addition to any kind of portfolio.
Best Utility Stocks: My Top 3
One of the great upsides of utilities is the fact they’re mostly recession-proof. No matter what’s going on on the market, everybody needs power and water.
What Are Utilities And Why You Should Hold Some
Utilities include a bunch of boring yet essential stocks for any retirement portfolio. But what are they exactly? Why should you hold them? What to look for?
Two COVID-Proof Stock Ideas For Retirees
3M had some good news for investors during September. It reported August sales growth of 2% Y/Y to $2.7B, led by a 23% rise in Health Care.
1 to 16 of 149 Posts
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