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Sol Palha, Senior Analyst at Tactical Investor

Sol Palha is a self-taught Student of the Markets, having widely read conventional and non-conventional texts on all aspects of technical analysis, Mass Psychology and philosophy. He has been studying the markets for over 18 years. He combines the magnificent elements of mass ... more


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Trump’s Presidency- Stock Market Crash Or Start Of New Mega-Trends?
No matter how mainstream media tries to spin it, they blew it; the US election was Brexit on steroids.
Share Buybacks: Destructive Innovation That’s Keeping Stock Market Bull Alive
Robin Hood robbed the Rich to help the poor; in the modern day version the Rich rob both Robin Hood and the poor to become even richer. The rich in this case are the greedy corporations and the officers that run the show behind the scenes.
Russian Stocks Great Long Term Buy: Inflation Down 50% YOY
The Sell-off in both the Ruble and the Russian stock market has provided astute investors with a great long-term buying opportunity.
Fed Set To Shock Markets In 2016: Expect A Strong Rally
Central bankers have conned the masses (even the hard money experts) over and over again. The theme has always been that the Fed will screw up one day and then all hell will break loose. Wishful thinking at best.
The Stock Market Is Headed Higher Because More Americans Drink Coffee Than Own Stocks
More Americans drink coffee as opposed to owning stocks, indicating that the sentiment is far from euphoric. Hence, the markets are destined to trend higher.
1 to 5 of 5 Posts