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Sol Palha is a self-taught Student of the Markets, having widely read conventional and non-conventional texts on all aspects of technical analysis, Mass Psychology and philosophy. He has been studying the markets for over 18 years. He combines the magnificent elements of mass ... more


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Stock Market Volatility On The Rise?
V-readings are incredibly high, and market participants are no longer as bearish as they were a few weeks ago.
Bullish Or Bearish: Stock Market Outlook 2018
Market sentiment has been whipsawing, and that is usually a sign of uncertainty and uncertainty is a very bullish development especially if the underlying trend is up.
Stock Market Crash: Imminent Or Does This Stock Market Bull Still Have Legs?
From a psychological point, the only way to completely destroy this surge in bullish sentiment and to ensure it rises slowly would be to decimate the morale of the masses, and that’s what’s taking place now.
Is The Bitcoin Bull Market Dead Or Just Taking A Breather?
Despite the heavy beating Bitcoin has taken, the sentiment has not turned bearish, and Bitcoin experts are still enthusiastically issuing wild targets of $100K and beyond.
Bitcoin Market Crashing: Is This The End Of Bitcoin Or A Pause Before The Next Bull Run?
For those who want to play the bitcoin market, a somewhat safer alternative would be via Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC). Its quite liquid and you can jump in and out with the click of a mouse.
Bitcoin Achieved What The Gold Market Never Could And Never Will?
The dollar is getting ready to mount a rally, demand for Gold is declining, and Gold has been unable to trade past $1350 even in the face of a weaker dollar.
Stock Market Crashes: The Greater The Deviation, The Better The Opportunity
This is an old bull market, and it continues to trend higher because the crowd is still nervous and the most individuals think this market cannot and should not trend higher; that is why it probably will continue to trend higher.
Stock Market Crash 2018; Will It Prove To Be Another Buying Opportunity
Instead of the Dow pulling back 1500 points, it will probably shed double that amount before a bottom takes hold. But oh my what a great buying opportunity this will prove to be, provided the trend is up.
History Illustrates Market Crashes Should Be Embraced & Not Feared
The stock market Bull continues to trend higher than even the most ardent of bulls could have ever envisioned.
Deflation And The Markets: Are Deflationary Forces Here To Stay
Manufacturing output continues to improve, even though the number of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. continues to decline and this trend will not stop and suggests that automation has eliminated and will continue to eliminate a plethora of jobs.
Is Copper Signalling Inflation Or Higher Stock Market Prices
Many pundits associate higher copper prices with inflation. While this is true to a degree, that is the wrong metric to focus on. Higher copper prices are usually associated with an improving economy.
Is Inflation An Issue Or Did The Fed Mess Up?
The Fed has been trying to create the illusion that inflation is an issue. Their definition of inflation is an increase in prices.
Proof That This Economic Recovery Narrative Is False
The financial media has provided reams of data laying out the case that this economic recovery is real. But the outlook is far from rosy as two key leading economic indicators have failed to confirm this recovery from the onset.
Random Thoughts On This Crazy Charging Stock Market Bull
The proverbial question for many years has always been, when will this stock market bull end? By every measure of logic and or common sense, this bull market should have crashed years ago.
The Stock Market Crash Of 2017 That Never Was But Could It Still Come To Pass?
The masses have remained nervous throughout this bull run; no bull market has ever ended when the masses are nervous. History indicates that stock market crashes begin on a euphoric note and end on a note of hysteria.
Bull Run For Gold Sheer Fantasy Or Is It Forming The Base For The Next Upward Leg?
We will not embrace Gold until the trend changes as there are many other markets out there that make a better investment.
1 to 16 of 99 Posts
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