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Hey there! It's Jeremy Stacks, known as the "Stacking Three Percenter" as seen on YouTube and StockTwits.  I am a 25 year old Gold and Silver stacker, and precious metals enthusiast.  I've been stacking precious metals since 2016 and have been following the metals ... more


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An update and a review on silver.
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A discussion about gold and the silver market.
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How high can the silver price climb?
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Here's every gold & silver correction in their two biggest runs vs. today.
Welcome To $2,000 Gold
Is gold forming a bubble?
Gold & Silver Post Best July Gains In Years, But Will It Continue?
The 10.3% gain for bullion in July marked the best monthly rise in years. But, will this surge continue?
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Silver Will Soon Be Heading To $100!?
An update and review of silver and gold.
Silver Continues Break-Out Surge, New Multi-year Highs!!! What's Next? Most People Have No Clue!!
Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in for another major Silver and Gold update!
Is Silver The New Gold?
A discussion about the precious metals market, silver & gold.
What Will Happen With Silver?
An update and a review of the silver market.
New Wave Of Lockdowns Will Ensure The US Remains In An Economic Depression Through 2020 Election
This new wave of lockdowns will make things even worse, and ... If the U.S. economy continues to fall apart as we approach the election in November.
Gold And Stocks Are Moving In The Same Direction - But Why?
Jeremy Stacks discusses the recent moves in the precious metals sector and how the stock market is following this momentum.
Huge! Gold Smashes $1800 For First Time Since 2011 ~ Silver Breaches $19! Here Is What's Next
Update on all things gold and silver.
A Stock Market Disconnected From Reality; Why This Is Gold & Silver's Week To Shine?
A discussion about the stock market, gold, and silver.
Silver And Gold's Ultimate Paradise
A review of gold and silver.
1 to 16 of 104 Posts
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