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Hey there! It's Jeremy Stacks, known as the "Stacking Three Percenter" as seen on YouTube and StockTwits.  I am a 25 year old Gold and Silver stacker, and precious metals enthusiast.  I've been stacking precious metals since 2016 and have been following the metals ... more

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Gold Issues Huge Breakout Signal ~ Just A Matter Of Time As Unrest Increases Worldwide
A discussion about gold and silver.
Silver Miners Finally Profitable Again?! A Look At The Top Performing Silver Companies
A discussion about silver - who is making profit, and where the best plays might be for your portfolios.
Silver Will Go To $100+ Easily?
A market update on silver and gold.
$100,000 Gold - Does It Even Matter? Silver Miners Now Barely Breaking Even
Jeremy Stacks reviews the moves in both gold and silver throughout the past week.
Gold Is Made For Times Like These
A look at gold and why it is still the ultimate hedge against inflation.
Crude Oil Goes Negative In Historic Sell-Off
Here's a follow up on Monday's sell-off in the crude oil market.
Stocks Are Absolutely Surging - Why?
A review of the stock market and how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting it.
Germany Is Stacking Tons Of Gold As The World Braces For 'Worst' Recession?
A wrap of the week up with the current economic situation we are facing, and some interesting information out of Germany.
The Opportunity To Buy Gold & Silver Is Likely Gone
A review of the market, gold and silver.
Fed Admits "Endless Amounts Of Cash"?
Another major discussion today on the recent admittance from the Fed regarding their ability to print "infinite amounts of cash."
Have We Been Wrong About Gold & Silver All This Time?
Jeremy Stacks presents a great take on the current state of the gold and silver market, and an ever-enlightening perspective.
Oil & Markets Sea Of Red, Silver Falls To Important Price
A discussion on how oil, silver, gold and stocks trade this morning.
Is This Really Happening?
Discussing gold, silver, the Federal Reserve, stocks, Covid-19.
Gold's Massive Dump - But Why?
Today's review and update on gold and silver.
Gold Continues To Surge
Here is another major update on gold and silver, as well as the stock market.
It's Happening: Gold & Silver Will Continue To Rise Exponentially
This video features an update on the uptrends ahead for gold and silver.
1 to 16 of 83 Posts
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