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It's pretty simple.  I trade and try to make the most money possible OR lose the least in a bad trade.  I'll make my own decisions and suggest if you're reading this, you do as well.  Do your own investigation and DD.  I'm no advisor and in no way should this ... more


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Where many investors and traders look to earnings season for potential, those tracking the cannabis space see Q3 revenues in particular as a potential trigger for Q4 momentum
E Is The Rite Aid / Walgreens Merger Really Going To Go Through?
The fact that this deal has taken so long and the threats of further suits continue to persist just make it that much more exciting.
E Today’s Top Trending Stocks - Tuesday, Mar. 7
Today's most active and buzz-worthy small cap stocks.
E Today’s Top Trending Stocks In A "Snap"
The Snap, Inc. IPO has caused a stir in the markets but it's not the only top trending stock today.
Mid Day Market Movers – Small Cap Stocks Top The List
Wondering what's trending outside of what the "talking heads" are chirping about today? Here's what I've found
E Are These Penny Stocks In Your Portfolio?
Looking at the markets today? Here are several small cap stocks trending on Valentine's Day.
E Hot Markets On Tuesday: Trending Stocks To Watch
Following the long holiday weekend, Tuesday's markets overall have been a bit mixed. Despite hitting near all time highs last week the Nasdaq and other major indexes have given back previous gains on Tuesday morning.
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