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I'm always on the hunt for some of the top stocks in the market. The best feeling as a financial writer is being able to find a stock ahead of a move and offer some deep insight that hopefully proves to be accurate. This is another reason I like to write about more


S Now That The FDA Approved Pfizer-BioNTech, Is This It For Vaccine Stocks?
If there's one thing to take away from any conversation about biotech stocks, it's that any company with their hat in the ring is likely making a version of something they hope to be better than the currently available method.
S What's Up With China Stocks?
Mixed messaging on China-based stocks hasn't confused day traders and these are a few examples that show how.
S Are Meme Stocks Losing Steam?
Pullbacks in popular meme stocks give rise to some uncertainty in the trend. But is this permanent or a much-needed dip?
S Should High Short Interest Stocks Be Part Of Your Trading Style In 2021?
It's easy to get caught up in the hype of social media-fueled breakouts. But is there something to it and should you pay attention to this trend in 2021?
S Should Marijuana Stocks Be On Your Radar Right Now?
They might've been up in smoke earlier this year but marijuana stocks could be something to keep an eye on heading into the summer.
S Are Reddit Stocks Buyer Beware Or "Buyer Be There"?
Reddit is not only coined "The Front Page Of The Internet", but it has also now become the front page of finance in many cases.


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10 More Current & Former Penny Stocks With High Short Interest
11 months ago

haha I don't think greed is what helps make money here. But I enjoy the show also.

Are Penny Stocks A Solution To Inflation?
1 year ago

so far it looks like most of these mentioned have continued higher with the market's overall rebound.

Should You Really Trade Stocks Using Robinhood?
1 year ago

Brain fart on this. merger was TD/Scottrade not schwabb FYI

Reddit Stocks That Are Waking Up In April 2021
1 year ago

not just wall street bets. There are many subreddits.

Are These Penny Stocks In Your Portfolio?
5 years ago

Just submitted another article. Let me know what you like to read about and I'll see if I can fold it in. I'm personally focused on day trading and swing trading set-ups, potential catalyst/momentum trades, and maybe a few longs here and there.

In this article: PHMD, PPMH, ZSAN, ZAIS
Are These Penny Stocks In Your Portfolio?
5 years ago

Just here my friend.

In this article: PHMD, PPMH, ZSAN, ZAIS
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CBDS Cannabis Sativa, Inc.
EBIO Epoch Biosciences Inc
FMCC Freddie Mac
FNMA Fannie Mae
MCIG mCig, Inc.



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Obviously, not all penny stocks experience such massive rallies. But even with that as the case, that doesn’t mean market-beating gains of 30% or more are a bad thing either. Heading into the last full week of June there are several trending stocks to watch right now. Will they be on the list to buy or avoid? I’ll let you decide.