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After 20 years in the retail and consumer goods sector, I became a research analyst and market strategist for Capital Ladder Advisory Group. Since 2011, I have published some 400+ articles surrounding mainstream retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Costco and more. I've covered ... more


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Weekly State Of The Market: Segment 2
In this week's State of the Market we dive into topics such as the recently released FOMC minutes and the market's reaction to said minutes. Additionally we dispense with the myth that the market rally is buy-back driven as opposed to fundamentals.
Trading Volatility Through Market Downturns With A Long-Term Thesis
A discussion on trading volatility, the current state of the global markets and the possible year-end outlook.
Discussing The Short-Vol Trade, Indicators And The Consumer
In an interview with David Moadel, I discuss macro-economics and how it relates to volatility trading as well as my thoughts on the market for 2018, inflation concerns and the consumer.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts