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After 20 years in the retail and consumer goods sector, I became a research analyst and market strategist for Capital Ladder Advisory Group. Since 2011, I have published some 400+ articles surrounding mainstream retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Costco and more. I've covered ...more


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Weekly State Of The Market: Bad Breadth Leads To Market Indigestion
After weeks of deteriorating market breadth, the bears find some semblance of relief from the relentless rally.
Weekly State Of The Market: Inflation Vs. Growth/Technology
The inflation narrative is juxtaposed with fears of Fed tapering, which is impeding Growth/Technology's performance to-date, but for how much longer?
Buy The Dip... But How?
A discussion and a deeper dive into the consistent market rotations and what it may lead to as investors turn to stock pickers in 2021.
Weekly State Of The Market: Bond Market Shakes Tech?
The bond market continues to rattle, rock and shake investor sentiment, while correlations are not what they appear to be.
State Of The Market: Has The Nasdaq Found A Bottom
The Nasdaq has expressed a full-on correction as Value has continued to outperform growth, but how much longer can this persist, even if yields continue to rise a bit more?
The March To 4,000 Like The Former 1,000s May Be Difficult
S&P 500 is stalling ahead of a key level, as it has done in the past. Can the market continue higher without a textbook correction of 10% or more, during the best 6-month period to own stocks. This bull may just need a breadth before the next surge!
Small Caps Are Overbought, But Found With The Largest Positive Earnings Revisions
Markets are overbought, overextended, overvalued, but earnings are trending higher and the historic data suggests more gains are ahead.
The Historic Data Suggests Investors Will Be In For A Wild 2021, But In A Good Way
2021 may not be a smooth ride for investors, but most of the historic data does point to gains, barring another exogenous event!
Game Stop & Bed Bath And Beyond: The Inevitable Reversion To Fundamentals
Game Stop and Bed Bath and Beyond amongst other high short interest stocks have been targeted. They have risen on the backs of a mathematical equation stimulated by a community of traders. Nonetheless, fundamentals always matter.
The Strongest Bullish Signal For S&P 500 12-Month Returns
The TOY Barometer, by Wayne Whaley just gave its 37 bullish signal dating back to 1950. It holds a 94% positive percent rate for 12-month S&P 500 forward returns. The average return is 17%+ over that time period. Only twice did it fail, 1987, 2008.
What Does The Historic Data Reveal About The Probability For Equities In 2021
A strong end of 2020, a strong final 2 months of the year and a strong fiscal policy backdrop. What does the historical data suggest lay ahead for the major indices in 2021?
Looking At Year-End 2020 Tailwinds, Headwinds And Technicals
What lays ahead for the markets near-term will depend on some key economic and earnings factors, both of which remain dependent on policy implementation.
Had You Known The Bottom Was In March: Teachings From 2020
We can better know where the market is going, by recognizing where it has been. In this week's video we outline key indicators for spotting a market bottom or bottoming process, while considering the potential of retesting bottoms.
Market Sentiment, Leverage And Breadth Inviting A 2017-Like Year In 2020?
Reviewing NAAIM, AAII, NYSI and Break Away Momentum Breadth Thrust in 2020 look extremely similar to late 2016-2017.
Market Conditions May Get Worse Before They Get Better
Our weekend market analysis and overview point toward a more favorable risk/reward by year's end.
Weekly State Of The Market: Segment 2
In this week's State of the Market we dive into topics such as the recently released FOMC minutes and the market's reaction to said minutes. Additionally we dispense with the myth that the market rally is buy-back driven as opposed to fundamentals.
1 to 16 of 18 Posts