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After 20 years in the retail and consumer goods sector, I became a research analyst and market strategist for Capital Ladder Advisory Group. Since 2011, I have published some 400+ articles surrounding mainstream retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Costco and more. I've covered ... more


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E Will The Confluence Of Technicals Get & Hold S&P Over 3,000... Soon?
In looking at everything from moving averages to Bullish Percent Index, do the S&P 500 technicals support an outlook for the benchmark index to hold above the 3,000-level going forward and into 2020?
E Are Equities On The Verge Of Catapulting Higher?
Trade de-escalation may prove the ultimate factor in dictating which way investors perceive earnings season.
Trade Talks Breakdown, Technical Warnings Follow
Market technicals continue to weaken as markets whipsaw on trade headlines with uncertainty at cyclical highs.
E The Economy & Trade Feud Face-Off This Week
This could prove a make or break weak for the market as trade negotiations will coincide with a light economic data calendar and an increased focused on market technical support and resistance levels.
ISM Sinks Markets, Will ADP Provide Support?
Markets are plunging on somber economic data and look for relief in from future economic data releases. Will data improve in the coming ISM Non-manufacturing and Nonfarm Payroll reports this week?
Here Comes Volatility
October is typically a month whereby the VIX expresses greater fear in the market, but the reasons why may actually prove noteworthy for your expectations for the month and as the final quarter of trading in 2019 commences.
Overbought, But Not Beaten Down... Yet? Stormy Data Ahead
Market internals/breadth have weakened in recent weeks while working down overbought conditions. Geopolitical strife has maintained investors' bearish sentiment.
E Markets Look Beyond The Wall Of Worry
Market is overbought once again, but the Fed's dual cuts in 2019 set up a strong technical basis for the next leg higher.
To Fear Or Fight The Fed
The FOMC has issued its 2nd rate cut of the year, which typically provides a boost to economic activity and market performance. But is this time going to prove any different?
E Geopolitical Risk. Is This The Big One For Investors?
Geopolitical risks abound, but does it detract from economic growth or add another layer of economic uncertainty to the investing landscape?
Trade Concessions, Central Banks & Retail Sales Ahead
Central banks take action and equities continue to march higher into a crucial monthly retail sales report.
The Buyback Blackout Period Myth. Don't Be Fooled.
The buyback blackout period myth debunked, again!
It's A Confounding Market, Even For The Pros
Geopolitical headlines turn bullish and the equity markets have followed. On the horizon, however, is a looming Nonfarm Payroll report.
E Bullish? Bearish? It's Perplexing, Says The VIX
The market is rangebound and in need of resolving this consolidation period. Nonetheless, pullbacks breed opportunity in an easing rate environment.
End Of Month: They're Buying, Are You?
Equity markets remain rangebound by end-of-month rebalancing is providing a tailwind going into September.
E Trade & Policy Turn Ugly & Markets Follow
Trade feud escalations take investors on a wild ride. Tweets don't consider technical or fundamental analysis, but markets do dictate policy.
1 to 16 of 204 Posts
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