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After 20 years in the retail and consumer goods sector, I became a research analyst and market strategist for Capital Ladder Advisory Group. Since 2011, I have published some 400+ articles surrounding mainstream retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Costco and more. I've covered ... more


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E Trade Headlines Directing Markets, But Volatility...?
For the 1st time in almost 3 years the Dow saw its 4th negative week in a row. The index is now more than 4% below its record high. Last week was the 2nd week in a row in which SPX weekly expected move breached on the 1st trading day of the week.
The Market Trend Is Headline Dependent, Resilient & Found For False Narration By Pseudo-Economists
Trade War headlines and President Donal Trump Tweets serve as the backdrop and stop for equity markets as economists attempt to value the risk/reward proposition across various asset classes in the new geopolitical market paradigm.
Tariffs Whipsaw Markets As Retailers Are Set To Report On Q1 Results
Equities bounced back on Tuesday after a 2%+ loss on Monday, as trade talks still appear in play between the two largest economies. But the rally fizzled in the final hour of closing as the major averages lost some of their vigor.
E Comprehensive Geopolitical Picture Which May Prove To Impact All Forms Of Growth
The fears of profound losses to the equity markets in the event that tariffs have been increased were overblown… or were they? We wouldn’t let the sharp intraday reversal off the lows on Friday, which found the S&P 500 (SPX) finishing up nearly.
Trading A Risk-Off Environment As Tariffs Are Hiked
The binary reaction potential from markets in response to raising tariffs on China's exports has spooked investors. While the U.S. economic data has improved, it will not likely carry weight given the geopolitical issues and impact on growth.
Will The Trade Feud Guide Market Performance... Or Something Else Entirely?
With the S&P 500 having risen some 17% for the year already, the risk/reward has now slanted more bearish over the interim. A more neutral stance on market exposure is encouraged by limiting risk exposure and formulating a shopping list of equities.
Garden Variety Pullback Before More Highs? Looking At All The Data
FOMC press conference was met with market disapproval as the Powell introduces the characterization of inflation as being "transitory".
Powell Cites “Transitory”: Inflation Proves Impossible
Why we are actually talking about a rate cut is only a reaction of the market seemingly pricing in such an action from the Fed by year’s end and as seen through the Fed Fund contracts.
SPX Record Highs: Every Time Is Different
The markets have been responding, all year long, to the better than expected economic data, capped with last week’s release of a 3.2% Q1 GDP result. It has also come with a lack of inflation as recognized in the latest release of (PCE) data.
When Bearish Narratives Pervade, We Put Them To The Test
Weekly assessment of what is moving the market accompanied with some of the prevailing permabear narratives, which fail to capture the forest for the trees!
S&P 500 Closing Record: Mike Wilson Spotlight Dims
It’s not often that you’re able to witness a brutal interview of an analyst who was formerly glorified in the financial media for his/her former calls which were accurate. Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson coined & predicted a rolling bear market for 2018
Permabears And Falsehoods Under Review
The permabear narrative is often found false and produces fear that utterly captivates investors, which otherwise provides a disservice to their investing goals long-term.
S&P 500 Q1 Earnings Are Disappointing Bond Investors
Based on the early results from the Q1 earnings season, analysts and data tracking firms are quickly revising their Q1 EPS forecast…drumroll… higher!
E Market Sentiment Has Improved; Q1 EPS Forecasts Still Fall
Absent active managers and/or value investors, fear begets more fear during bouts of volatility.
No Surprise From Fed As Inflation Proves Impossible!
Fed minutes reveal much of what was already known. The tide now shifts from a focus on the Fed to a focus on bank earnings. All this, while the S&P 500 aims to tackle 2,900.
E S&P 500 Heads Into Earnings Season Up Roughly 15%; What Could Go Wrong?
Did anything change during the trading week to reinforce our bullish outlook on both the economy and equity market for 2019? That’s the question we should all be considering, given the S&P 500 (SPX) is only 1.5% off its all-time trading high level.
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