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After 20 years in the retail and consumer goods sector, I became a research analyst and market strategist for Capital Ladder Advisory Group. Since 2011, I have published some 400+ articles surrounding mainstream retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Costco and more. I've covered ... more


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Most Important "Must Knows" For The Trading Week
The recent Treasury bond rally fits with our forecast that the recession has a second, more serious leg that will extend well into 2021, despite massive monetary and fiscal stimulus.
E Profits Are Generated By Looking Above And Beyond: Investors Don't Care About Bad Data Today
Investors are looking beyond 2020's Covid-19 Crises and forward to a weaker dollar, higher deficits, and an economic/earnings recovery cycle. Multiples will likely expand beyond the 10-yr average.
E The S&P 500 Continues To Travel The Path Of 2009's Bear-To-Bull
The more things change in the market, the more they stay the same. Circumstances may be different, but outcomes are anything but.
Technically, The Technicals Are BullBearish...?
Technicals are a bit mixed depending on one's time frame. Long-term, markets remain in recovery mode and have bottomed based on several indicators.
E Market Moves Are More Certain Than We Choose To Believe
The S&P 500 has taken the path of 2009, but there are some distinct characteristics that need to be considered if it is going to fully represent the analogue.
E Market Recovery Process Meets Resurgence Fears
Signals are mixed at best. Headlines and pension fund rebalancing are likely to dictate the next leg of the new bull market.
E The Bulls Are Back In Town After A Brief Vacation, But For How Long
The bulls have a breadth surge to complete the validation that a new bull market has formed.
E The Bulls Push To 3,000 Is Breadth-Y
Stronger breadth in the market may prove the boost it needs to get over 3,000 as the economy slowly reopens and appears to be on the other side of the epidemic saga.
E Economic Reopening Meets Market Resistance
Market has met resistance levels at key Fibonacci retracement ahead of the economy reopening. We gauge employment data and market breadth to guide our capital allocations as price doesn't always tell the whole story.
E Market Uncertainty Will Prove Temporary, But To Overcome It, Here Is What We Need To Do
COVID-19 disruptions will confuse the average investor and trader. A game plan is deemed necessary during grey swan events.
E A Storm Is About To Hit Markets
Weathering a market storm is difficult for many when they allow seemingly endless and ominous market conditions overpower logic and reasoning. The market already knows, as price is truth. We simply need to look beyond the present.
E Risk/Reward Proposition Increasingly In Question As Coronavirus Lingers
The risk/reward equation is increasingly unfavorable near-term for traders, but breadth indicators and pent up demand lean more favorably for investors as the totality of the investor community grapples with Coronavirus.
Resilient Market, Debt Load Increases, Bed Bath & Beyond Decreases
Market continues to defy headlines surrounding coronavirus while breadth continues to weaken. A correction has begun underneath the surface that offers investors an opportunity to rebalance their portfolios.
Iowa Primary Didn't Happen, Coronavirus & 20-DMA
Iowa Primary debacle finds relief amongst investors as Asian markets rebound. Volatility persists into February.
Fed Setting The Stage To Cut Rates
Fed is setting the stage for a rate cut by June if not sooner depending on headwinds.
E Will Overbought Conditions Offer A 5% Sale For S&P 500?
Overbought conditions lend well to excuse-driven market sell-offs. Should we be fearful of the sell-off or view it as a grand opportunity?
1 to 16 of 236 Posts
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