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After 20 years in the retail and consumer goods sector, I became a research analyst and market strategist for Capital Ladder Advisory Group. Since 2011, I have published some 400+ articles surrounding mainstream retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Costco and more. I've covered ...more


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September's Something Special For S&P 500: Weekly Nifty 9
A 5-day losing streak has investors concerned over whether or not the first significant drawdown of 2021 is afoot.
Market Breadth Pushes S&P 500 Over 4,500: A Fall-Fall Ahead?
Market breadth greatly improved as the S&P 500 continues to defy the cries for a greater pullback. How to navigate the hated bull market of 2021
Neutral Market, With A Defensive Slant: Weekly Nifty 9
Ahead of Jackson Hole, market internals are widely neutral and positioning has become largely defensive. With markets still hovering near all time highs, pullbacks continue to prove muted and bought up quickly.
Risks Remain Although Breadth Improves: Weekly Nifty 9
Market breadth has improved markedly over the last two weeks, but risks remain as investors await messaging on tapering and Covid infections continue to spread.
Following Weak Seasonality And Earnings Trends: Weekly Nifty 9
In this week's weekly "Must Knows", we discuss the stealth correction and seasonal tendencies for the month of August. Indices remain near all-time highs, but valuations have actually fallen as earnings have been rising faster than the markets.
FOMC, Earnings & Delta: Weekly Nifty 9
Fears of the Delta variant rise alongside better than expected quarterly earnings results and as the FOMC 2-day meeting will upend the markets this week.
The Uptrend In Question? Weekly Nifty 9
The primary trend for the S&P 500 is higher, either due to structure or earnings, and presently both are favoring a continuation of the primary, long-term trend.
Digesting Year-To-Date Gains: Weekly Nifty 9
Economic data and earnings continue to point to higher prices. Time to be a stock picker!
Macro-Market Internals: Weekly Nifty 9
Economic fundamentals are supporting the market internal structure. While market internals have weakened, they are in keeping with the longer term uptrend.
Markets At Mid-Year: Weekly Nifty 9
Our mid-year market outlook remains little changed despite the looming concerns surrounding inflation, tapering, rate hikes, tax hikes, and frothy market valuations.
Markets Reach For Record Highs: Weekly Nifty 9
Here's an analysis of the probabilities for new highs through market internals/breadth while looking back at past Fed tightening cycles to better understand the probable returns on capital. Investors may need to block out the noise.
Fear Is The Enemy Of Investors: Weekly Nifty 9
Fear is the most gripping emotion for investors and also the most detrimental to their long-term performance.
The Fed & Inflation: Has Risk Risen? Weekly Nifty 9
In this week's Nifty 9 Market Must Knows, we take a look at some key quantitative data, seasonal trends, economic data points of interest and more. Investors are best positioned aligning themselves with the greater probable outcomes.
Nasdaq 8%, Russell 10% And S&P 500 4% Correction, What’s Next?
After corrections and/or consolidations of the major indices, what do you think comes next. When we look underneath the hood of the market, it suggests higher prices, but it may not be an easy slog higher for investors.
3 Reasons Reflation Won't Crimp Economic Growth In The Charts
If you're worried about inflation, you may be paying too close attention to CNBC, Bloomberg and the like. In just 3 charts we can see the limited or negative impacts from inflationary cycle on projected economic growth in a consumer-based economy.
Nasdaq And 3 Potential Pitfalls: Weekly Nifty 9
The Nasdaq has continued to underperform the reflation trade and recently hit an all-time, then consolidating 5% off that all-time high. The macro-picture continue to tell a story of a stronger than expected economic and earnings recovery.
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