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Mr. Sebright Chen is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Summer Atlantic Capital. He has shaped the strategic reorientation of different companies under management. Sebright Chen had extensive experience in investment management, corporate advisory, technology and pharma industries. After graduating ...more



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Don’t Waste Time Looking For “The Top”- Focus On Owning The Best Companies
9 years ago

Investing in companies that have the potential to reach a new level! Top performers could become the "biggest falling star" in the next minute.

Ebay To Spin Off PayPal, Taking Carl Icahn's Advice
9 years ago

The spinoff is favorable to PayPal. With the adjustment in management team, PayPal now has American Express’s former executive Dan Schulman, who was specializing in the Enterprise Growth area of AmEx as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. This would allow PayPal to better arrange its strategic roadmap and focus on its payment solutions and products to tackle this "app era", including the appearance of a recent competitor "bitcoin". From eBay’s side, along with Alibaba's IPO, this spinoff action could give eBay the opportunity to center on the new generation competition locally and internationally and potentially push growth in the long term. One thing we cannot ignore is that this action could bring loss to eBay in the short term. PayPal is eBay's payment arm and made 40.30% of eBay's total net revenue in fiscal year 2013. The left of PayPal not only means the cut in revenue but also loss of partnerships eBay used to build with its PayPal services. We still need to watch eBay’s moves in the next few months to decide how this would affect eBay’s overall business sketch.

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4 Ways To Make Customers Happy To Share Their Personal Info
9 years ago

The after-sale experience is also important. Customers could be attracted to try new products because of numberless incentives, they might stay or leave. They also have the choice to recommend the product they tested to their families and friends. The quality of the product and the postpurchase experience will increase the likelihood of ongoing relationships between shoppers and companies as well as discussions of products among peers.

Intrinsic Value Of Yahoo
9 years ago

A company’s intrinsic value is estimated through a fundamental analysis, both quantitative and qualitative. All of the parts mentioned before are not enough to form a fundamental valuation, therefore those evidences are insufficient to interpret Yahoo’s intrinsic value. Alibaba’s IPO is good news for its major shareholder Yahoo, but this is only a small portion of Yahoo’s overall business. The picture I see is critical challenges ahead Yahoo would need to manage.

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Upset That The IPhone 6 Doesn’t Use Sapphire?
9 years ago
Apple used Gorilla Glass instead of Sapphire is in fact good news to customers. Sapphire is known for its distinctive anti-scratch function, here is why Apple used Sapphire on camera lens cover: no one would like to add any scratch to his or her new iPhone’s camera lens and have side effects on pictures they take with their beloved new iPhones. As for the fingerprint sensor, like the name indicates, you can expect to put your finger on this sensor very frequently, whether or not you plan to use the Touch ID function at all – it is the home button. Sapphire is heavier than glass. With the increased size of iPhone, it is better for Apple to choose a lighter material for its iPhone 6. Sapphire is also easier to break compare to Gorilla Glass. For most end users, they would concern more about dropping their iPhones on the ground and get their screens broken rather than the scratches. You can purchase a screen protector to keep your iPhone 6 away from scratches, the price varies but you can obtain it for as low as 5 bucks. Unlike screen protectors, the expense of buying a new screen is much higher. It costs you more than $100 to replace a new piece of glass in the Apple Store and the cost will only inflate with Sapphire. Apple of course would not be willing to raise the pain level of its potential consumers.
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Here’s Why Google And Amazon Have Their Eyes On FedEx’s Logistics Business
9 years ago
When Amazon is still waiting for its fancy drone delivery permit from the government, Google received the license for its self-driving car “Google Chauffeur’ in some states. A recent $258 million investment Google Ventures made in Uber makes us wonder the “driverless same day car delivery” situation in the near future. Self-driving cars are still cars, they are good at local delivery, not the long distance one. Whether it is Amazon Prime Air, or the Google Self-Flying Vehicle, they need time to cross the door of the law. The law issue will become even more complicated when this drone practice starts associating with international delivery services. If Amazon and Google ever think about engaging in the global logistics market, partnering with those top participants in the logistics industry could be a good idea. FedEx is not the only player in this market, there are UPS and its ORION system, DHL and many other high performers. There could also be other techniques in solving this sizable puzzle.
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Netflix Expansion Faces Stormy Weather In France
9 years ago
Netflix is huge, it has a 28.26 billion market cap. Its revenue is massive, it also has a lofty cost of revenue. Consequently, Netflix’s profit doesn’t look that glaring. Netflix does have a demonstrated model that worked, but if we look 10 years ahead, will this model keep driving this company’s growth? The use of Amazon Web Services for some of its operating services directly caused income for its competitor and cost for the company itself, management team should start thinking about inventing new methods for some aspects of its services.
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Apple Watch And The IPhone 6: Things To Ponder
9 years ago
Apple Watch undoubtedly integrates technology into fashion, makes technology wearable, like Google Glass. “Killer App” won’t become an issue if Apple could figure out a platform for its Watch. Google is a pioneer in this field, their team created a Glass explorer program that allows app makers to build their own apps for Google Glass. We should never underestimate the wisdom of the crowd, numerous successful instances if we ever look back. A recent video from Apple revealed us its design and functionalities. Consumers would love the Watch more if Apple could provide more choices in terms of the color of straps. A possible trend for future versions’ Apple Watch could be customers use Apple Watch to monitor their health-related matters. As for the well-executed strategy, I can see Apple is putting a lot effort on its “Apple” brand, including the hire of Burberry’s former CEO Angel Ahrendts, hence the birth of Apple Watch. Questions appear, now Apple has two chains of products, the “i” series, which includes iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. and the “Apple” series, Apple watch and Apple Pay. How is Apple going to position those two chains of products? In other words, would those two series work together smoothly, make and market a powerful and consistent “Apple” brand?
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Starbucks Is A Reflection Of Our Society
9 years ago
Most customers are aware of the money cost of buying drinks at Starbucks, many of them still choose to consume because it’s easy and convenient, right around the corner. If an example must be given to explain the logic behind this behavior, I would use the all-star family friendly farms and your neighborhood grocery stores. In most situations the food being sold at farms are fresher and more price-friendly compare to those in the grocery stores. Both statistics and common sense tell us that shoppers make more purchases in grocery stores rather than farms. Shopping at farms is much more time consuming than practicing such activities in grocery stores. Similar to the grocery store case, the time and labor costs of buying drinks at Starbucks are lower than doing this at home. Look what else you receive besides the drinks during your stay at Starbucks: free wifi and spaces to do some work. Starbucks does have the necessity to make itself a better total experience for its customers despite its current popularity. Reputation could change over time, performance matters.
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Apple Unveils The IPhone 6, IPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay And Apple Watch
9 years ago
The new feature of iPhone 6 reminds me of the E-Credit Card company "Coin". With the launch of "Apple Pay" in October, Coin will start facing striking competition from Apple.
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