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Founded by renowned economic forecaster and gold expert Peter Schiff, SchiffGold is dedicated to the philosophy that owning physical gold and silver is a vital safeguard against the US dollar crisis. SchiffGold’s Precious Metals Specialists are trustworthy and knowledgeable advisors who ...more


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A Second Chance For Silver
In light of the recent pullback and low premiums, now is a unique opportunity to buy silver with prices 40% below their historic highs of $50 per oz.
Economy Is Barreling Toward Stagflation: Gold Wrap For Friday, April 26
JD and Joel unpack Peter’s latest podcast and the economy’s current path toward stagflation. We look at this week’s price action, macroeconomic data, and a quote from Jordan Peterson.
Top Hillsdale Economist Warns Of US Default: SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap For Friday, April 19
JD and Joel discuss national debt, dollar default, Austrian economics, Von Mises, green energy bills, and space economics at Hillsdale College.
Media Silent As Gold Surpasses $2400: SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap - Friday, April 12
JD and Joel discuss gold’s underrated new all-time high, silver nearing $30 per oz, higher-than-expected inflation, the Fed’s response, and why buyers today can expect to pay lower premiums.
Earthquakes & Gold Rallies Above $2300: SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap For Friday, April 5
JD and Joel discuss gold's new record high and silver's tear upwards, an earthquake in NYC, headline jobs numbers, and Peter's most recent podcast.
Gold Closes Above $2200: SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap March, 29, 2024
JD and Joel discuss why gold’s breakout past the $2,200 resistance level means higher highs from here on out. Higher prices are driven by a dovish Fed, weakness in the dollar, and poor economic data.
Fed Speaks, Inflation Spikes: SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap March, 22, 2024
JD and Joel discuss this week’s Fed announcement. It caused new all-time highs in gold, but all of this confirms a coming inflation bloodbath. We also discuss ways the dollar can stay “strong” even amid high inflation.
Gold Reaches New All-Time High
The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”
2024 Could Be Horrible For The Dollar
Higher stock market indexes and other financial indicators in 2023 reflect investor expectations of inflationary Fed stimulus rather than genuine economic progress
That’s One Heck Of A Drug
US stocks surged when some weak economic data put rate cuts back on the table. Easy money is one heck of a drug. A look at the impact of easy money on the economy and the markets.
What A Difference Two Weeks Makes
Two weeks ago, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said it would be "premature" to conclude that monetary policy is sufficiently restrictive. This week, the Fed indicated rate cuts are on tap for next year.
Why Does Everybody Think The Fed Has Won The Inflation Fight
Seems like a lot of wishful thinking.
A Monster Under The Bed
Imagine a bedroom. It looks clean and safe, but there is a monster under the bed that nobody notices. That's the condition of the US banking system right now.
An Economics Lesson From The Pilgrims
​​​​​​​Did you know Thanksgiving almost didn't happen thanks to the Pilgrims' experiment with socialism? It didn't work. Fortunately, they figured out some economic truths and the rest is history.
The Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung A Note
Everybody seems convinced that the Federal Reserve has won the inflation fight, there will be no more interest rate hikes, and rate cuts are right around the corner. It’s not over until the fat lady sings. And she hasn’t sung a note.
Just How Much Is Rising Interest Costing The Feds?
This is definitely a problem.
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