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A Big Disconnect
The CPI data for April came out this week. The mainstream spin was that it was more good news for the Fed's inflation fight. But the actual data tells a different story.
Reality Over Rhetoric
The Federal Reserve raised rates yet again during its May FOMC meeting. Now everybody is trying to decipher the messaging coming out of the Fed to figure out what’s next.
Dollar Woes
The dollar may be king, but its throne is getting a little tippy. A talk about the slow but steady erosion of the dollar's global dominance and the possible ramifications.
The Fed Is Going To Be Exposed
Saying something and doing something are two different things.
The Next Shoe To Drop?
The Federal Reserve has added nearly $400 billion to its balance sheet in just two weeks. While things seemed pretty quiet this week after the bank bailout, I say it’s only a matter of time before the next shoe drops.
The Fed Is Trying To Thread A Needle With A Rope
A talk about the Fed’s inflationary efforts to paper over the problems in the financial system while still keeping up the pretense of an inflation fight.
A Crack In The Dam
I've been saying something is going to break in the economy for months due to the Federal Reserve’s monetary tightening to fight price inflation.
Crisis Averted?
The mainstream says the recent bank failures are "contained". Are they though?
A Matter Of Control
There has been a lot of talk about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) lately. Supporters tell you they will provide a safe, secure, convenient alternative to cash.
Three Reasons The Fed Will Lose The Inflation Fight
Despite the hotter-than-expected CPI data for January, most people still seem confident that the Federal Reserve can win the inflation fight.
Why Gold?
Why should you own gold in your investment portfolio? Providing reasons why to own gold, including its historical wealth-preserving qualities and its role as a safe haven.
Garbage In, Garbage Out
The phrase is usually associated with computers, but it also applies to the formulas used to generate government economic data. A look at the January CPI and retail sales data with that phrase in mind.
Disinflation Is Transitory
​​​​​​​The January CPI report throws cold water on the "disinflation" narrative.
This Is Less Than Ideal
It's a big problem for the Federal Reserve.
History Rhymes
You've probably heard the saying that history might not repeat, but it often rhymes. If that's true, looking back at the runup to the 2008 financial crisis and Great Recession should cause concern.
A Dog And Pony Show
Pop some popcorn and get ready for the next political dog and pony show. The US government bumped up against its statutory borrowing limit this week.
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