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Founded by renowned economic forecaster and gold expert Peter Schiff, SchiffGold is dedicated to the philosophy that owning physical gold and silver is a vital safeguard against the US dollar crisis. SchiffGold’s Precious Metals Specialists are trustworthy and knowledgeable advisors who ...more


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Silver Is Set To Sail
Gold and silver are up again this week and poised to sail away once the Fed lowers interest rates.
Gold Gains, Bitcoin Blasts Off
A discussion about the recent bitcoin craze driven by ETF demand and what’s driving higher gold prices this week.
Biden’s Super Bowl Blunder
A discussion about what Biden gets backward about inflation and shrinkflation.
Debt, Diamonds And Gold
A discussion why gold is down this week, Powell’s comments on 60 Minutes about the debt, and some Valentine’s Day thoughts inspired by Austrian economist Carl Menger.
Fed Game Risks Replaying 2008
A discussion about why gold is down today and why the Fed could replay 2008.
Tech Triumphs, GDX Grief, Trump’s Tide
A discussion about why gold is down this week, soaring tech stocks and plummeting gold stocks, and other market and precious metals news.
Jobs, Blasts, And Bitcoin
A discussion about recent gold price action and market news.
Factors Affecting Gold In 2024
A discussion of recent gold price action and key factors affecting gold in 2024 such as interest rates and global elections.
The End Of Another Year
A new year is always a good time for reflection. And maybe even some resolutions.
Confidence Level Is Low
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said he’s not confident interest rates are high enough to slay price inflation.
What’s Next?
The Federal Reserve raised interest rates yet again during its July meeting. So, what’s next?
Fissures In The Economy
​​​​​​​Janet Yellen recently said she doesn’t think the US economy will slip into a recession.
There’s No Place Like Home
As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. And more and more countries think that’s the case when it comes to their gold.
Fed Chair Powell: All You Do To Me Is Talk Talk
National debt eclipses $32 trillion.
I Told Ya So
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warns about problems in the commercial real estate market.
When The Solution Becomes The Problem
Republicans and Democrats will strike a deal and raise the debt ceiling. That’s supposed to solve the problem. But the solution is the problem.
1 to 16 of 37 Posts