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Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, Sabrient Systems is an independent investment research firm offering both quantitative and qualitative research. 

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Earnings Momentum Trumps Overblown Worries About Inflation And Valuations
Stocks are once again challenging all-time highs as the forward earnings estimates are being raised at a historically high rate in the wake of another impressive earnings season that blew away all consensus expectations.
Strong Earnings Growth Is Expected... And Crucial To Justifying Equity Valuations
After a strong Q1, stocks continue to rise on exuberant optimism, and the mega-cap dominated S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 just hit new highs this week.
10 Industries In Secular Decline
Movie theaters have undoubtedly struggled following COVID-19 restrictions that kept doors closed to customers and pushed back the release dates of major films into 2021 and 2022.
Vaccines And Massive Stimulus Fuel 2021 Optimism; Plus Baker’s Dozen Long-Term Performance Update
No doubt, 2020 was a challenging and often terrifying year.
Positioning For A Strong 2021 And Better Times Ahead
By some measures, the month of November was the best month for global stock markets in over 20 years, and the rally has carried on into December.
Is COVID-Driven Demand Anomalous Or Sustainable?
The unprecedentedly severe pandemic-induced recession has been fought off by equally unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus, including unlimited liquidity at zero interest rates.
Investors Whistle Past The Graveyard As Valuation Multiples
The five FAAAM stocks have been doing most of the heavy lifting for the broad cap-weighted market indexes like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 for the past five years, which has not been particularly healthy for the broader stock market.
GAAP Vs Non-GAAP: Which Is The Better Measure Of Sustainable Earnings?
In any given quarter for almost every company, there is often a swirling vortex of different signals as to the long-term health and future opportunities for each particular firm.
COVID-19 Flattening And New Stimulus Lead To Stock Market Surge – New Bull Market?
As COVID-19 quickly moved from outbreak to epidemic to full-fledged pandemic in a matter of weeks, hospitalizations and deaths gained momentum, as did the panic selling of risk assets.
Big Hopes For 2020 Ride On Earnings Growth And Capex Revival
As the New Year gets underway, stocks have continued their impressive march higher. Comparing the start of this year to the start of 2019 reveals some big contrasts.
How To Identify Short Candidates Through Anomalous Insider Selling Activity
Perhaps the most reliable shortcut to identifying a company at elevated risk of a downturn in its share price is looking at how executives and directors use their equity instruments.
Stellar Year For Stocks Now Suggests Strong Follow-Through In 2020
As yet another decade comes to a close, the US continues to enjoy the longest economic expansion on record.
EC Ducks Continue To Line Up Positively For Equities
Results haven’t been as bad as feared, and some of the macro clouds are parting.
Aggressive Accounting Of Restructuring Costs And Other Non-GAAP Adjustments: Where Is The SEC?
When an investor chooses to rely upon non-GAAP results when comparing a given company’s results to another’s, the comparisons can be deeply misleading as management has great leeway.
Stocks Are Itching For Year-End Breakout Rally, But Who Will Lead It?
The early weeks of September were looking so promising as a brief but impressive surge gave hope of a revival in the long-neglected market segments.
Stocks Take A Bullish Rotation Into Neglected Market Segments, But Will It Last?
In case you didn’t notice, the past several days have brought an exciting and promising change in character in the US stock market.
1 to 16 of 160 Posts
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