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Stocks Are Itching For Year-End Breakout Rally, But Who Will Lead It?
The early weeks of September were looking so promising as a brief but impressive surge gave hope of a revival in the long-neglected market segments.
Stocks Take A Bullish Rotation Into Neglected Market Segments, But Will It Last?
In case you didn’t notice, the past several days have brought an exciting and promising change in character in the US stock market.
Strong July Gives Way To Volatile August As Trade War Escalates
July was yet another solid month for stocks, as the major market indexes eclipsed and held above psychological barriers, like the S&P 500 at 3,000, and the technical consolidation at these levels continued with hardly any give back at all.
Defensive Sectors Have Led Indexes To New Highs, But Cyclicals Are Perking Up
The major cap-weighted market indexes continue to achieve new highs on a combination of expectations of interest rate cuts and optimism about an imminent trade deal with China.
Fundamentals Suggest Impressive Risk-On Recovery Will Continue
The federal government shutdown resulted in the BEA releasing a combined first-and-second estimate of Q4 US real GDP growth.
Recovery In Stocks Continues As The Fed And China Become More Cooperative
There is a stock market adage that says, “as goes January, so goes the year”. Well, if that comes true this year, we are in for some robust gains.
Investors Enter New Year With Combination Of Apprehension And Optimism
As liquidity is gradually withdrawn and volatility remains elevated, skilled active stock selection could (should?) come back in vogue.
No Holiday Cheer Yet, As Panic Mode Does Major Technical Damage Despite Attractive Valuations
Volatility seems rampant, but the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) has not even eclipsed the 30 level during Q4 (whereas it hit 50 back in February).
October Washout Serves Up Compelling Buying Opportunity At Lower Forward Valuations
The escalating trade standoff with China, an increasingly hawkish Federal Reserve, and the impending mid-term elections finally took a toll on investor psyche, creating a rush to the exits in October.
China And The Fed Inject New Fear Into A Cautious Market
Volatility suddenly returned with a vengeance last week – to both stocks and bonds. But has anything really changed from a fundamental standpoint? I would say, absolutely not.
Stocks Hit New Highs Despite Rotation Into Defensive Sectors
Some investors transitioned from a “fear of missing out” at the beginning of the year to a worry that things are now “as good as it gets” – meaning that the market is in its last bullish move before the inevitable downturn kicks in.
Q2 Earnings Season Brings Anticipation Of Bullish Breakout
US stocks held up okay over the past four weeks, including a good portion of a volatile June.
Rising Interest Rates And Equity Valuation From An Earnings Quality Perspective
In mid-June, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 bps and signaled it was on track to raise rates twice more in 2018.
Fundamental Strength Overcomes New Macro Worries As Tech And Small Caps Lead
The month of May turned out to be pretty decent for stocks overall, with the S&P 500 large caps up about +2%, with growth greatly outperforming value, and June has got off to a good start, as well.
Rising 10-Year Yield Puts Investors On Pause Despite Robust
Rather than living up to its history as one of the best months for stocks, April proved to be a disappointment this year despite robust year-over-year Q1 corporate earnings growth of roughly +20%.
Higher Volatility Was Inevitable, But Bulls Still Control Their Own Destiny
Investors seem to be focusing more on the threats than the opportunities right now.
1 to 16 of 146 Posts
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