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Sabrient Systems is an independent equity research firm and RIA that leverages the engineering backgrounds of its principals and a process-driven methodology to build robust multifactor quantitative models for rankings of stocks and ETFs, investor tools, stock portfolios, and rules-based indexes.

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Investors Revel In A Goldilocks Outlook On Economy, Earnings, And Fed Policy
Stocks have hit record high after record high this year in near-monotonic fashion, driven by rising productivity, low unemployment, inflation trending down (albeit stalled for the moment), and expectations of imminent Fed rate cuts.
The Stock Market Rally Seems Overdone
This market rally is getting out over its skis and needs at least a breather if not a significant pullback to cleanse itself of the momentum “algo” traders and FOMO investors and wring out some of this AI-led bullish exuberance.
Ducks Are Lining Up For FOMC Restraint And Continued Market
The probability of a resurgence in either inflation or fiscal expansion is quite low.
Could A Fed Policy Pivot Come Sooner Than Expected?
Treasury yields and core inflation have been trending in opposite directions (yields up, core inflation down) and creating a surge in real rates, with the 10-year real yield challenging its highest levels of the Financial Crisis.
Falling Core Inflation, Solid Earnings, And Favorable Seasonality Suggest Upside For Stocks
A discussion about inflation, stock-bond relative performance, equity valuations, and Fed monetary policy implications.
All Eyes On The Fed As Inflation Metrics Give Mixed Signals
Although the FOMC will almost certainly keep the Fed funds rate steady this week, investors aren’t yet convinced that the rate hike cycle has ended.
Valuation Divergence Suggests Rotation To Small-Mid Caps, Value, And Dividend Payers
Stocks continued their impressive 2023 rally through July, buoyed by rapidly falling inflation, steady GDP and earnings growth, improving consumer and investor sentiment, and a fear of missing out.
Improving Market Breadth, AI Frenzy, And A Fed Pause
After five straight weeks of gains, it was inevitable that stocks would eventually take a breather.
Fed’s Singular Focus On Inflation Is Creating Undue Fallout
Despite the apparent strength and resilience of the mega-cap-dominated S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100, it has been led by the FAANGM family of mega-cap Tech or “near-Tech” stocks.
Stocks Flounder Despite Inflation Downtrend As Banking Crisis Emerges, But Outlook Remains Encouraging
Nothing goes in a straight line for long, and inflation is no different, i.e., the path is volatile, but disinflationary trends remain intact.
Uncertainties On Fed Policy, Geopolitics, And Earnings Cloud 2023 Outlook, But Trends Are Promising
The future direction of both stocks and bonds hinges on the trajectory of corporate earnings and interest rates, both of which are largely at the mercy of inflation, Fed monetary policy, and the state of the economy.
The S&P's Roller Coaster Rally
The S&P 500 rallied hard from the mid-June 52-week low to the mid-August high, and then it retraced about 50% of that rally in response to Powell’s hawkish summer rhetoric. But then he caused investors to launch a speculative rally.
Signs That Inflation May Be Waning
Federal Reserve chairman Jay Powell sounded quite hawkish at his brief Jackson Hole speech on Friday, and investors were spooked. Although the CPI hit 40-year high of 9.1% year-over-year in June, I see plenty of signs that inflation is in retreat.
It All Rides On Inflation And The Fed, But Signals Are Looking Bullish
So far this year, the Federal Reserve has been removing liquidity from the markets via rate hikes and quantitative tightening, hence the 1H22 crash.
Investors Await Bullish Catalysts As Inflation, Interest Rates, And Money Supply Growth Show Signs Of Topping
Although the Fed likely will raise rates another 50-75 bps in July, it will not raise as much as the market is pricing in, and indeed the Fed may instead be forced to ease later this year or early next year.
Despite Uncertainties From War, Oil, Inflation, And Interest Rates, Have Stocks Put In A Bottom?
As the economy has emerged from the pandemic and some sense of normalcy has returned around the world, investors have returned to wrestling with the potential impacts of unwinding 13 years of unprecedented monetary stimulus (QE and ZIRP).
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