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Rolf is an Oxford-educated British IFA, now retired. Rolf has been a bear from the late 90s on, hence the byline "Sackerson" (a famous 16th century bear on London's animal-baiting circuit). Rolf runs the Broad Oak Magazine blog; originally named "Bearwatch", it was set up ...more


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Where Childcare And Education Can Make A Difference
Yesterday we looked at university-'educated' nitwits - should the collective noun be 'u-nits'? Now, here's how, further down the ladder, daycare and schooling can make a huge difference.
Energy And Liberty
As the statue-rollers do their bit to help capitalism collapse under its self-contradictions, one should have thought the PC response to energy issues is 'renewable/small is beautiful'; but it seems Greenery has its own conundrums.
Long Or Short?
Americans prefer their reading to be longer than in the UK which prefers brevity and conciseness. I explain as Americans liking to 'get their money's worth' but more seriously wonder if there may be a couple of other factors at work.
Brexit Sprouts
The supermarket chain Morrisons is denying renaming Brussels sprouts to appease Brexiteers, according to 'newspaper' the New European.
Fighting Talk: Brexit And Civil Disorder
Two years after the 2016 EU Referendum, the political class continues to fight agauinst the result, while the EU continues on a dangerous expansionary course. If a severe cyclic economic downturn happens, there is potential for civil disorder.
The Contradictions Of US Education
Throughout 200 years of public education, it has been given a sequence of demands, and has responded by adapting organically.
HEALTHCARE USA: A Guide To "Obamacare" (the Affordable Care Act)
A quick guide to US healthcare insurance and the impacts of the Affordable Care Act
EU-GB - A Parallel-Universe Story
If Britain had joined the Eurozone and the EU had succeeded in "ever-closer union"...
Germany May Drive Greece, Not To Despair But Into The Arms Of Russia
A speculation on Greek-Russian relations
Why Michael Moore?
A sideways look at Michael Moore's protests
Bill Whittle Got It Wrong About Hillary Clinton
It's not about the Presidential candidates, it's about the crisis. Time for a US referendum on TPP?
Gaming Democracy
The potential threat to democracy posed by biased electronic media.
The Reunification Of Britain And Struggles Against Empires
The EU Referendum, British political divisions and the wider challenges of globalisation.
Pacific Weather Weirding And Geopolitical Manoeuvering
El Niño and the Chinese charm offensive in the Pacific
Trillion Dollar Drain - Is It About Bail-ins?
A follow-up to the last post on the trillion-dollar reduction in Central Bank holdings, speculating on its relation to the threat of "bail-ins".
1 to 15 of 15 Posts