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Rolf is an Oxford-educated British IFA, now retired. Rolf has been a bear from the late 90s on, hence the byline "Sackerson" (a famous 16th century bear on London's animal-baiting circuit). Rolf runs the Broad Oak Magazine blog; originally named "Bearwatch", it was set up ... more


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E Why Inflation Protection Doesn't; Gold; Hyperinflation; Cataclysm
Inflation hits hard. At the start of the Seventies, if you were a retired company director on a fixed pension, you might well have been driving a car. By the end of the decade, you might have been on the bus, instead.
E UK Readers: Last Chance For A Guaranteed Inflation-Beating Investment
Alerting British retirees to a way to add to their security against inflation in retirement.
E Russia And Korea In Free-Trade Talks: Oceania, Meet Eurasia And Eastasia
A Russian-led economic bloc continues to develop. China is forging links among Pacific island nations.
E The Reunification Of Britain & The Struggle Against Empires
As the UK straps itself back together post-Referendum, deeper issues come to the surface.
E UK In Chaos Post-EU Referendum
The fallout from the Brexit vote continues. Only today – 15 days after the result was known – has the government firmly ruled out any revisit of the issue.
E Brexit: These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls
The British constitutional crisis of 2016 and the fight for liberty - a Fourth of July essay.
E Economics And Migration
Questioning the liberal economic arguments for the free movement of labour.
E The System, Revisited
A sideways look at globalism.
E Employment: Non Credo
Skepticism about the recovery and a look at employment figures
E Is The S&P Really Overvalued?
A look at the role of debt in US GDP and the stockmarket
Trillion Dollar Brain - Is It About Bail-Ins?
A speculation that HNW individuals and corporations may be buying bonds for fear of bank bail-ins.
Trillion Dollar Drain
Billionaire and precious metal advocate Hugo Salinas Price notes that one trillion dollars has disappeared from global Central Bank reserves. This is a clear indicator of a world-wide economic slump, which will become a severe depression..
Would "QE For The People" Help The Economy?
Maybe the government could transfer its attention from money to real things - the making and selling of them. A review of trade agreements - fighting our corner - would be good.
The Volkswagen Debacle
VW appears to have admitted that engine management software used various clues such as wheel alignment to detect when emissions tests were being run as opposed to normal road driving.
The Real Leviathan
I’ve no idea if these figures are realistic or not, but what impresses me about them is the gargantuan size of global consumer spending.
Ebola And Liberty
Ron Paul argues that the solution to containing diseases like Ebola is to allow foreign countries to grow their economies so that they can afford modern medical facilities.
1 to 16 of 34 Posts
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