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Bob Moriarty has been a Marine pilot during Vietnam, owned and operated one of the first Macintosh online computer sales websites before retiring in 2000. When he saw the incredible disdain that both gold and silver were held in during 2001 he believed it was time to start a website specializing ... more


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Another Turd In The Punch Bowl
Last week I came across an article that registered a Category 5 on the “gag me with a spoon index.” It had so many lies and so much just plain utter stupidity in it that I felt it was worth responding to.
US Gold Has US Assets, US Listing, US Management
One day soon investors are going to realize that with retail sales and banking in a state of collapse, it might be nice to own a real asset with no corresponding liabilities.
Bob Moriarty Interview: Shadow Government, The Election, And Peace
My interview with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable where I discuss how my book, the ‘Art of Peace,’ accurately predicted the election one year ago. Length: 00:20:46.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts