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Bob Moriarty has been a Marine pilot during Vietnam, owned and operated one of the first Macintosh online computer sales websites before retiring in 2000. When he saw the incredible disdain that both gold and silver were held in during 2001 he believed it was time to start a website specializing ... more


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Never Confuse Brains With A Bull Market
At the point where you start believing you are smarter than the market, it will whip your donkey. Brains are not the same as a bull market. But even in the bullish of bull markets, there will be corrections. We are near a correction in the metals.
Silver Is Getting A Bit Frothy
It’s not uncommon for the metals to want to take a break in late spring.
Lion One Hits Bigly
For those who don’t understand techno babble in the resource sector, Lion One has hit Bigly and exactly what they wanted to hit.
Novo Scores +1 Gram Per Meter At Egina
It's been eight months since I've written about Novo as I've been waited for some red meat worth my attention. That time is now.
Novo Delivers
Novo just announced results from testing at two different projects in the Pilbara. I’ll start with the results from the Tomra sorting machine because it’s so simple to understand. It works.
Silver And Gold Bottom Soon
Silver and gold have hit a new low for the year during December in each of the last five years. They are on track for repeating their journey this year if we are to believe sentiment matters.
Rokmaster Zips Into Zinc
Rokmaster is probably correct to go after zinc. It’s been no secret for years that a lot of capacity for zinc has disappeared either through mines running out of ore and closing or mining capacity being shut down.
Why Few Correctly Hear The Signal The COTs Send
The basic reason 85% of investors lose money on a regular basis is that they confuse themselves with a minnow in a shoal trying to avoid a predator or a goose in a flock flying south for the winter.
The Barron Is Back
Aurelian raised $3 million at $.50 a share when they went public. The shares briefly dropped as low as $.46 a share.
Irving Resources, Tightest Shares In Canada
Since the merger and spinoff, Irvine has shifted emphasis from some minor REE projects in Africa to high-grade gold properties in Japan.
Good Results From Redstar, Gold Standard, Novo And Aton
This year results were delayed a little longer than usual due to the inauguration of President Trump on the 20th, but good results have been flowing for days now.
Nexus Scores On Gold, Misses On Press Release
My opinion is that if the 1000 meters length for the primary vein system is accurate or the 500 meters length for the splayed off shear zone, I think they have found a really big deposit.
MX Gold Adds Another Gold Project
MX Gold continues to move forward.
Torchlight In The Middle Of 20 Billion Barrel Oil Field
The Midland Basin in Texas is home to a 20 billion barrel oil field with an additional 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 1.6 billion barrels of natural gas liquids. And Torchlight is right in the middle of it.
Explor Explores The Abitibi
Explor Resources has a major gold project in the heart of the Timmins-Porcupine Mining Camp in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt.
Bravura Ventures Adds Yukon Gold Project
Bravura Ventures has had quite a run this year going from $.02 a share in March to a high of $.59 a share in September before tumbling in a perfectly normal 50% correction to $.30 in October.
1 to 16 of 23 Posts
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