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I have been analyzing the precious metals markets for over 10 years, and have built relationships with many experts in the field which include miners, geologists, and analysts. My site is dedicated to providing ... more


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Investing For Millennials – A Discussion With Future Money Trends
The social security system is broken and 401Ks have not helped the baby boomers to retire. Instead, those in the Millennial and Generation Z should focus their efforts on passive income.
Arcadia Economics: Making The Case For A Silver Bull Market
I talk extensively with Chris Marcus about the market fundamentals of silver and how that will impact price moving forward.
Rob Kirby On Gold, Bonds, China, Russia, Cryptocurrencies, And More
Rob Kirby and I discuss the bond markets, currency markets, gold and silver, government laws around their financial reporting, and how Asia is turning Europe east away from the US in trade.
Mineral And Technology Dependencies Threaten US Economic Stability
The US has lost its critical commodity supply chain that supports manufacturing and economic independence. Dependencies on other countries, mainly China, will threaten our economic health moving forward.
Recession Indicator? Chinese, German, And US Auto Markets Are Rolling Over
American, Chinese and German demand for autos is falling with Germany leading the way in percentage terms. Consumers need to deleverage and this indicates a recession is coming. Here's how to play the cycle.
Europe's Alternative To SWIFT: Another Nail In The Dollar's Coffin
Europe's alternative to SWIFT will allow them to get around trade sanctions the US has put on Iran.The Dollar's reserve currency status is under serious threat considering trade deals being negotiated in other currencies and gold.
Anatomy Of An Hyperinflation: Argentina
Argentina is crashing again after the currency begins to hyperinflate. I discuss signs that would warn investors and savers ahead of time before a currency crash, should the worsening global financial contagion spread to the US and the dollar.
The Flight To Dollar And Treasury Safety Has Already Begun
Emerging markets are slumping, and China has it the worst so far in 2018. Economic contagion seems to be engulfing Latin America and is angling up towards the US through Mexico.
1 to 8 of 8 Posts