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As Consumer Participation Weakens, Debt Market Risk Rises
Consumers are being tapped out of the economy through rising debt levels and falling pay rate percentages. As a result, defaults are likely to rise, affecting the debt markets.
Data Shows Gold Is Undervalued In Many Currencies Since 2011
Gold is undervalued in the major world currencies since it last reached a peak in 2011. Expect a strong gold price move during the next recession, which may not be that far away.
Sentiment May Be Bullish, But Weakening Fundamentals Mark The Turn
The two primary factors supporting bullish sentiment are falling apart. The trade war with China is escalating and the Fed has its hands tied from making major policy moves.
E I Cannot Believe What Fed Chair Yellen Just Said
The Fed doesn't really have a clue about the long-term problems with the economy. If you had any doubt, just listen to what Janet Yellen just said.
E Solving The Cyber Skills Gap With An Investor's Mindset
Addressing the security skills gap is important and will lead to some valuable investment strategies if done creatively.
FireEye Fails To Predict Direction Of Security In The Enterprise
FireEye has been suffering this year as their approach to enterprise security has not been widely accepted in the market. I discuss changes the company could make to return to growth.
Why Apple's IPhone 7 Release Changes Little In The Smartphone Market
Apple released news recently on the iPhone 7. The release changes little in the outlook for smartphones even though the iPhone keeps advancing the ball for Apple shareholders.
E What Sony's Latest Security Breach Tells Us
The author discusses why the latest big breach at Sony should come as no surprise. A quick guide to helping investors assess an investment target's strategic security risk.
E Lessons Learned From The 2014 Blackhat Security Conference
The author discusses lessons learned from the 2014 Blackhat security super-conference in Las Vegas, including how to use cyber security trends to your investing advantage.
E Two Investment Options For The Security Sector Bull Market
The author discusses two plays in the cyber security market, including one new security-focused ETF and a long play on an innovative new security company.
E Caveat Emptor! Cyber Crime Threatens To Derail The Growing Digital Economy
The author examines the effects that cyber crime is having on the current economy, and what the future may hold with respect to investing in the digital age.
1 to 11 of 11 Posts