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Investment Advisor, Principal, QVM Group LLC

Richard is the managing principal of QVM Group LLC, a fee-based investment advisor based in Connecticut, with clients across the country.

QVM manages portfolios uniquely designed for each client on a flat fee basis through the client’s own accounts at Schwab, Fidelity or ... more

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We're Not There Yet
There are many different systems and methodologies to attempt to gauge a bottom in the stock market. Underneath all those approaches is the concept of seller exhaustion.
KraneShares Global Carbon ETF
In this Correction period for stocks, particularly technology and “innovation and disruption” stocks, carbon credits and out as strong in comparison.
Thematic Funds For The Tactical Sleeve
LOUP, ARKK, XITK, KOMP, and MATFX are attractive multi-theme funds.
A Way To Own The S&P 500 With Better Risk And Opportunity Optionality
There is an easy way to be able to modulate exposure between the few large stocks that dominate return and the many smaller stocks that are along for the ride in the index.
Filtering For ETFs That Outperformed Blended FANMAG Stocks
In a market populated mostly with mediocre opportunities and led by a small number of high performers, we use extensive filtering to attempt to identify lesser-known or lesser-followed securities that also stand out from the crowd.
Retirement Target Date Allocation Glide Path In-Depth View
We have talked about allocation glide path before, but let’s look at it with additional detail...
8 Dividend Stocks Passing Vigorous Fundamental, Yield And ESG Criteria
We all need a claim on the upside, but also need a solid element of protection. Above-average yield from value stocks with a modicum of momentum may provide some of that claim and some of that protection.
Review Of Model Portfolios
Remember that asset allocation is a far more important determination of your investment returns and portfolio volatility and periods of maximum drawdown than the specific securities you chose to represent asset categories.
Cautionary Country And Region Economic Conditions
The PMI around the world forecast weak growth to negative growth in manufacturing, and weak to moderate growth in services over the near term; with the composite of manufacturing and services forecasting weak growth.
USD Reserve Currency Status Eroding Slowly But Surely
If nations increase trading in non-Dollar ways, the percentage of other (non-Fed) holdings of US Dollars will decline, and with it our reserve currency status.
Eye On Interest Rate Markets For Clues To Future Economy & Stocks
In combination with declining stock earnings forecasts, interest rate data may suggest that the stock market is not so much good, as possibly too good.
Forecasting Stocks Long-Term Total Return
Looking at 148 years of monthly rolling 10-yr returns for US large-cap stocks, the median total return was 9.36%, with a range of 2.69% to 15.76% at the 25th and 75th percentiles, and negative 4.77% to 21.75% at the 5th and 95th percentiles.
S&P 500 Technical Charts
Let’s explore several ways to view the last 1+ year of S&P 500 price behavior through charts.
S&P 500 Resistance And Support Levels
In the long-term price chart, visual pattern recognition (“technical analysis”) doesn’t tell you much. In the short-term, it can often be a good guide when deciding when to make the next addition to a position.
Current Best Choice For Loan Allocation
Looking across the various types of debt available in mutual funds and ETFs, it is clear that ultra-short-term, investment-grade, floating-rate debt (“UST-IG-FR”) is the best current choice.
Relative Opportunity With US Sectors
The interest rate sensitivity of Real Estate, Utilities and Consumer Staples puts them at a disadvantage during the current Fed rate hiking cycle.
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