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David Tablish's Rambus Chartology started out as primarily a Precious Metals Technical Analysis site and has now broadened the perspective to include all important markets .  Here you can watch Rambus follow the markets on a daily / hourly basis and learn a ... more

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Weekend Report - State Of The Gold Mining Stocks, Bull Or Bear? (Plunger)
It’s a cyclical bear market. A primary downtrend of cyclical nature. Not a secular bear market (long term) which would encompass multiple cycles.
Precious Metals Complex Bottom
Silver has been forming a massive H&S bottom since 2013. The triangle on the weekly line chart above is the same triangle that is forming the right shoulder.
An Honest Look At Gold’s Chartolgy - Part 1
It is not the end of the world but Gold has now traded below its 300 day sma for 7 days in a row now which is allowing the shorter term green 50 day sma to start rolling over along with the red 150 day sma.
Markets Update… Hard Cross Currents In The Precious Metals Markets
SLV could be building out a massive double-headed 8-year H&S bottom.
Markets Update…PM Complex Under Seige?
The daily bar combo chart for the PM complex shows the August trading range still under construction making lower lows and lower highs for the most part.
The Precious Metals Markets Big Picture
When there appears to be a critical inflection point in any market it is alway important to go back and look at some long term charts so you don’t lose sight of the big picture.
Markets Update…End Of The World History Chart : 2021 Edition
The Great Rescission that began in 2007 and lasted until early 2009, scarred many investors for a lifetime.
An In-Depth Look At Gold
Gold plays a dual role as a commodity and as a monetary metal which makes it important to keep a close eye on.
Markets Update… Precious Metals Yellow Flag
Most of the time during a bull market the short, intermediate, and long-term charts are pretty much in sync even during a consolidation phase.
Quarterly Report Stock Markets… A Secular Bull Market For The Ages
It is easy to forget the secular bull market when you see a black swan or an act of God event that totally changes the dynamics on the shorter-term time scale. It is these long-term charts which keeps one focused when all hope appears to be lost.
Precious Metals And Commodities Comprehensive
There is an old expression that says gold and PM stocks generally lead the commodity complex first and commodities will soon follow.
PM Trading Range Doing It’s Job To Confound Bulls And Bears Alike
The trading range on the HUI and other PM stock indexes continues its job of confusing both the bulls and bears alike. I’ve always said that trading an impulse move is much easier than trading during a consolidation phase.
Stock Markets: The History Chart Of The End Of The World ( With Presidential Cycles)
We currently find ourselves in a very unique environment with 2 secular bull markets going on at the same time, the PM complex and the US stock markets.
Will You Make Money In The New Silver Bull Market?
Three weeks ago silver broke out above overhead resistance and decided to join the party.
The Anatomy Of A Precious Metals Bull Market
During the bull market years between 2000 and 2011, the US dollar and currencies played a key role in the PM complex bull market.
Prosperity As Far As The Chartology Can See: Secular Bull Market
Long term secular bull markets just don’t begin and end for no good reason. There has to be a catalyst that drives the markets higher over a long period of time.
1 to 16 of 160 Posts
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