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David Tablish's Rambus Chartology started out as primarily a Precious Metals Technical Analysis site and has now broadened the perspective to include all important markets .  Here you can watch Rambus follow the markets on a daily / hourly basis and learn a ... more

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PM Trading Range Doing It’s Job To Confound Bulls And Bears Alike
The trading range on the HUI and other PM stock indexes continues its job of confusing both the bulls and bears alike. I’ve always said that trading an impulse move is much easier than trading during a consolidation phase.
Stock Markets: The History Chart Of The End Of The World ( With Presidential Cycles)
We currently find ourselves in a very unique environment with 2 secular bull markets going on at the same time, the PM complex and the US stock markets.
Will You Make Money In The New Silver Bull Market?
Three weeks ago silver broke out above overhead resistance and decided to join the party.
The Anatomy Of A Precious Metals Bull Market
During the bull market years between 2000 and 2011, the US dollar and currencies played a key role in the PM complex bull market.
Prosperity As Far As The Chartology Can See: Secular Bull Market
Long term secular bull markets just don’t begin and end for no good reason. There has to be a catalyst that drives the markets higher over a long period of time.
Top 5 Picks Poised For An Explosive Upside
Many precious metals stocks have moved nicely over the past two weeks. Investors wanting in on the next move have been left on the sidelines. It’s my view that this occurred because everyone has had an eye on the gold and silver seasonality chart.
Precious Metals Complex: The Big Picture
Every bull market will consist of an impulse move followed by a consolidation period, rinse and repeat until the bull market ends with some type of reversal pattern.
Wednesday Report…How Will You Play The Precious Metals Stock Bull Market ?
There are as many ways to play the precious metals sector as there are investors. Some will only buy the big cap PM stocks for safety. Others will only buy the mid-cap producers.
The History Of The End Of The World Chart
There are just a handful of events in one's lifetime that are truly history-making in their magnitude.
US Dollar Ratio Charts Are Telling A Very Important Story
We know that there is a pretty close correlation for the most part between the US dollar and the Euro.
Weekend Report…The Chartology Of A Deflationary Event
In this Weekend Report, we’ll look at some short, intermediate and long term charts for the US dollar and some commodities indexes to paint a picture of what millions of investors, from around the world are actually doing with their money.
Energy Complex Deflation Was All In The Charts
If there is one sector to define the possible deflationary event we’ve been discussing for the last several months or so oil is probably the most important commodity of all.
Special Report- Plunger’s Post Bubble Contraction Finally Arrives
December 14th, 2018, according to Dow Theory Methodology, was the date that a bear market sell signal was triggered. Since then, despite the wild blow off top to new Dow highs the sell signal was never reversed and remained valid.
Yen/PM Combo Chart Update… A Most Surprising Outcome
While the yen is moving lower more PM stock indexes are breaking out to the upside.
Markets Update…Positive Action In The Gold Complex
Over the last few weeks or so I’ve been writing a lot on the critical inflection point the PM complex was showing us. Today’s price action is an important step in confirming the potential bullish outcome.
Important Inflection Point For The PM Complex: Currencies
The US dollar can play a very important role in how the PM complex and commodities, in general, may perform.
1 to 16 of 149 Posts
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