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Precious Metals Stocks - A Bottom Finally Forms
Precious metal stocks are in a multi cyclical bull market which started in Jan. 2016. There have been 2 legs up and 2 legs down so far. The third leg up most likely began the third week of July 2022. I expect it will last for 2-4 years.
Bullish Expanding Falling Wedge
I’ve been mentioning lately that I thought that many areas in the PM complex could be building out a potential bullish expanding falling wedge. This is a bullish pattern that few if any chartists actually look for.
Precious Metals Stocks: To Buy Or Not To Buy That Is The Question
The best way to understand the importance of the 20-month ema is to start at the beginning of the bull market back in 2000 by following the price action and the 20-month ema together.
The Many Faces Of Gold
There is an old Wall Street adage that I completely disagree with. It says, you can’t go broke taking a profit. That is partly true if you take a profit on every trade you make but every trade you take won’t be profitable.
Markets Update - Precious Metals Consolidation / Stock Market Bear Action
This short-term daily line chart for the US stock markets shows the H&S tops which are trying to finish up the backtesting process.
Inflation - The Big Picture
With this weeks headlines on inflation we can look to the charts to see if they can help us understand reality and not someone's opinion. We are going to hear the experts say this is just a temporary bout of inflation and won’t last very long.


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USDU - An Important Perspective On The US Dollar
6 years ago

I am responding to you. I am the Author see my response below

In this article: USDU
USDU - An Important Perspective On The US Dollar
6 years ago

Further to my above reply. This Chart Below Argues for the problem being with Your trading View Chart

UUP overlaid with $USD and also with the USDU show none of these have come close to a 78% Fibo Retrace....barely 32%


In this article: USDU
USDU - An Important Perspective On The US Dollar
6 years ago


I am Rambus Manager and Editor. he does not do responses personally ( a time thing)

I see your point

I believe Rambus Chart is Log Scale but that shouldn't make such a large difference on this short a time period

All we can do is watch the charts. Rambus uses Stockcharts Exclusively

The big difference in the two charts is the left armpit area is much higher on your chart

Hard to understand how there could be a great difference. Data Feed?


Gary ( for Rambus Chartology)

In this article: USDU
SOXS Trade Setup…
6 years ago

Thanks glad to be here at this exciting new site

In this article: SOX
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Since the bear market low in December of 2015 gold has made a series of higher highs and higher lows. At this point the one thing that will get me concerned about our new bull market would be if I see gold close below the recent low.
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