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Rachel Fox is a teen actress turned financial expert, and founder of ‘Fox on Stocks.’ You may remember her from her role as Kayla Scavo on more


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Blockchain And The Economic Revolution
This podcast has been dedicated to recounting, in good detail, what bitcoin is while connecting its bizarre fragmented array of mainstream headlines, PhD analysis, creative interpretations, and its role in the evolution of money.
Blockchain-Backed Money Vs. Paper-Backed Money
This episode is brief and covers the essential differences between using blockchain-backed money (like Bitcoin) and using paper-backed money. For those who only know of Bitcoin from the mass media hype of 2017 and subsequent crash, this is for you.
Blockchain: Bitcoin
There is a lot of uncertainty around the cryptocurrency market in general — and the recent volatility in the price of Bitcoin says it all. Where does this uncertainty come from?
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