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Rachel Fox is a teen actress turned financial expert, and founder of ‘Fox on Stocks.’ You may remember her from her role as Kayla Scavo on more


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Broke To Woke
No matter who you are or what you do for a living, having a general economic awareness — meaning a general sense of what’s happening in your economic environment — can make the world of difference in your financial standing.
Money: A Natural Method
If budgets don’t work well for you, track you’re spending instead, and over a couple weeks of doing this, you’ll likely notice your financial habits start to change.
How To Invest In Stocks
There are two ways to invest in stocks - invest in what appears to have staying power with the mainstream and on up and coming winners that are undervalued.
What To Invest In - Seven Investments For The Next 20 Years.
Here is a compilation of the most fundamental investment ideas for a long-term stock & index fund portfolio. It’s especially fitting for anyone under 40 with a higher risk tolerance and at least a 20 year time horizon. Why these stocks in particular?
What $1K Invested In These Stocks Is Worth Today
Let’s say you bought $1,000 worth of shares in seven of America’s best-known companies on August 1st, 2008. This is right before the historic crash of 2008 that led to the great recession.
What Drives Stock Price?
The magic formula for guaranteeing an investment will rise in value does not exist yet. There are four things you can depend on for being the strongest drivers of stock price, and to a greater extent, the price or value of anything.
Avoiding Risk Is The Greatest Risk
When politicians and business people talk about how great the economy is doing and how the stock market is booming, for most Americans, this means nothing. Since you’re not benefiting, you assume they must be lying.
Economic Evolution
Whatever the state of the US economy or your country’s economy, there are people all across the world, in biology labs and startup garages who are inventing the future. Where innovation persists, there is new wealth to be made.
Accelerate Your Way To Wealth
For more aggressive strategies, you need a higher risk tolerance meaning you must be okay with greater ups and downs in your portfolio. You also need to be the type of person who’s comfortable taking initiative and investing where you see value.
Dollar-Cost-Average Your Way To Wealth
Dollar cost averaging is like steroids for your money. The difference between doing it and not doing it is millions of dollars.
Discipline Yourself To Make More Money
There are two things that can actively make money. Humans and invested money. But only one can do it while you sleep.
The Stock Market Is Up
The S&P 500 index is up over 15% as of May 30, year over year. Money is pouring into the market. Portfolios are growing. Wealth is growing.
The Economy, The Market, And A Stock Idea
My thoughts on the current state of the economy, including the new FOMC policy; the general stock market; and a stock idea: why I'm bullish on Tesla.
Would You Pick $1,000 Today Or $1,250 In Five Years?
You may be tempted to choose the $1,250 because it’s the higher value. Or you may be tempted to take the $1,000 because you really want it today. However, there’s actually a formula that’ll factually tell you the better choice.
Investing In: Chipotle Stock
Chipotle has been a strong favorite of many investors for a while, until the outbreak & declining revenue of 23.4% since a year ago, which was Chipotle’s first loss to date.
The Eff Off Fund
In moments of prosperity, take a little and save it for later. Not for “retirement” necessarily, but for flexibility. For freedom. Make that a benefit you give yourself, at any age.
1 to 16 of 18 Posts
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