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The Fed Just Cannot Rest In Raising Interest Rates
The Fed has to choose between supporting Americans and curbing inflation or supporting the financial markets and uplifting asset prices.
Junior Miners Fell Hard – And Gold Didn’t Even Lift A Finger
There are numerous indications that junior miners are poised to set new lows on their downward path. Will they pull gold to the bottom as well?
Is The Road To Recession In The American Economy Already Paved?
While investors orchestrated a relatively immaterial short squeeze on Jun. 21, the daily optimism did little to resolve the fundamental headwinds that helped foster the S&P 500's 2022 collapse.
The Fed’s Hawkish Bite Left Its Mark On The S&P 500 Stocks
By raising interest rates, the Fed poured cold water on the red-hot markets and finally chilled investors' enthusiasm. What's next for asset prices?
No Rosy Future Lies Ahead Gold Miners In The Stock World
If history is any guide, either a big or an enormous decline awaits gold-stock prices. That’s very bearish for the precious metals market.
After Powell’s Decision, The Outlook For Gold Remains Bearish
With the FOMC increasing interest rates by 75 basis points on Jun. 15, inflation has officially forced the Fed’s hand.
The Gold Market Is Getting Ready For Another Interest Rate Hike
As predicted, gold stocks are gradually declining. Their situation is unlikely to improve - the Fed is already planning another interest rate hike.
GDXJ: While Focusing On Details, Don’t Miss The Great Downturn
If history is to repeat itself to some extent, junior miners have a chance to make minor corrections. However, is it worth leaving short positions now?
Will Ignoring Fundamentals Take Revenge On Bullish Traders?
While the Fed strives to tame inflation, short-term investors continue to ruin its efforts with bullish actions. Will their love of risk pay off?
Keep Calm And Stay On The Short Side Of Junior Miners
While the GDXJ closed above the upper border of the previous price gap on Thursday, it closed back below it on Friday, thus invalidating the small breakout.
Soaring Juniors And Soaring Excitement – What’s Next?
The price of the GDXJ ETF moved sharply higher yesterday, and this got many people excited.
The USD Index Rose, But Gold Didn’t React, What Does That Mean?
Did gold show strength by not declining yesterday, despite the USD Index’s strength? No, because it was not the U.S. dollar that was strong – it was the euro that was weak.
Fake Out Instead Of Breakout: Is The Gold Miners’ Crash Coming?
The precious metals market declined yesterday, and while the move is still small, it’s nice to see that our short positions in juniors are already profitable.
Why Does The Fed Has A Tough Nut To Crack With Gold Investors?
The Fed needs to slow the U.S. economy in order to calm inflation, and rising asset prices are mutually exclusive to this goal.
Two Bearish Confirmations For Junior Miners
GDXJ closed the week below the very short-term trading channel, which means that we saw a breakdown.
Here Is Why I’m No Longer Bullish On Gold Miners
The medium-term outlook for the precious metals is profoundly bearish – and it’s about time to abandon the short-term bullish ship.
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