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As a CFA charterholder, Radomski shares the highest standards of education, ethics, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society. He also holds a masters degree in Finance and Banking, and is currently writing his thesis after having finished his PhD studies in ...more


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Will The Fed Hike? What If? Gold Price Outlook
Gold and gold stocks just declined, which is normal given their technical situation, but the direct trigger is really interesting this time.
Tech Stocks, German Philosophy, And Huge Price Moves In The Miners
We live in a brand-new world, where there’s plenty of money and old rules like periodic recessions and big declines in stocks no longer apply.
Roadmap For Mining Stocks – Courtesy Of The Stock Market
Stocks are not only likely to stop rallying, they are likely to decline and decline much more than they did in 2022.
The Tricky Rally In Gold Stocks – Don’t Be Fooled
It’s incredible just how weak mining stocks are at this time.
Gold Price Outlook – Nihil Novi
After a brief uptick, gold encountered a significant technical obstacle, confirming the strength of a previously broken support level, and is now displaying signs of a potential downward slide in the near future.
AI, Stocks, And Gold Stocks – Connected After All
AI is transformative. It already starts to enhance multiple businesses, just like the Internet did many years ago. And as many thought cryptocurrencies would.
Could Gold Miners Finally Stop Sliding?!
There are many factors that one needs to consider when analyzing any market. Looking at a single indicator might be misleading.
As Expected, The Price Of Gold Continues To Fall
Amidst plummeting gold and mining stock prices, a hidden connection between gold stocks and the precious metal is unveiled.
Can One Trust Gold Price’s Friday Rally? Here’s The Context.
Last week, gold price moved sharply lower but rallied back up on Friday. Which direction is the real one?
This Is Different: USDX And Gold Price
After back-and-forth trading close to its previous early lows, the USD Index is showing strength.
Gold Price Above $2,000? Nope. Not Anymore.
Instead of breaking above the previous all-time (nominal) highs, gold price invalidated the move above the all-important $2,000 level.
The Crypto Signal For The Precious Metals Market
Nowadays, it seems that the cryptocurrency market and the precious metals market are quite synchronized.
Gold Price’s Key Driver Flashes A Major Signal
Last week was truly a game-changer for the precious metals market because of what happened in the USD Index.
Big Things Often Have Small Beginnings. Look At The GDXJ.
Hesitating, a little uncertain, testing the waters. That’s how junior miners approached yesterday’s session – a session during which they declined.
Did You See How Juniors Rallied? Me Neither.
Forecasting gold price is often a difficult thing to do – but this time, mining stocks’ performance makes it easy.
A Whole Lot Of Golden Nothing
On a very short-term basis, yesterday’s price action was a tiny reversal itself.
1 to 16 of 576 Posts
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