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3… 2… 1… Let The Corrective Rally Begin
It seems that gold has formed an interim bottom, and a short-term corrective upswing is now likely before the medium-term downtrend resumes.
How Equities And Yields Worsen Gold’s Dejected State
The medium-term outlook for the PMs remains profoundly bearish. However, if gold can find a bottom at roughly $1,675, it will likely trigger a short-term corrective upswing.
So, Where Is The Corrective Upswing?
Gold & silver reversed yesterday and the GDX​​​​​​​ rallied after bottoming right in my previous target area, but it’s still unclear if the bottom is in.
After Gold’s Slide, What Happens To Miners?
The sun may be about to shine on the precious metals, even if the upcoming rally is not yet destined to last.
Does Gold Have A Green Light To $1700?
Gold just doesn’t seem to care and is stubbornly ignoring its inverse relationship with the USDX.
How Bond Yields Are Affecting Gold
As U.S. Treasury yields rise, gold, which is seen as an inflation hedge, is hurting. Despite the obvious warning signs, investors remain bullish.
The One Thing Foreshadowing Silver’s Next Move
Silver is going through a triangle-vertex-based reversal at the moment. There’s also another triangle-vertex-based-reversal in a few days, and since these reversals tend to work on a near-to basis, silver might top any day now.
Gold’s Downtrend: Is This Just The Beginning?
With the yellow metal just posting its lowest close since June and a bearish pattern forming, how vulnerable is gold to a further decline?
Here’s What’s Eating Away At Gold
Gold is dodging bullets, as it comes increasingly under fire from rising U.S. interest rates and a USD that is poised to surge.
Hey Gold, Is Your Next Top In?
As the USD Index is testing its declining resistance line, the question now is whether gold’s corrective rally is running out of steam.
Gold And Silver: Is Recent Rally Cause For Concern?
Gold moved higher once again yesterday, but it reversed and declined before the closing bell. Miners declined as well.
Does Gold Have A Friend In The USD?
Gold moved higher yesterday, and so did silver and miners. At the same time, the USD Index moved lower.
What’s Next For The Silver Roller Coaster?
After a frenzy of Reddit induced activity that captivated everyone, silver painfully gave back what it gained.
How Europe’s Underperformance May Hurt Gold
Gold most recently dipped below $1800 and it’ll be testing new lows in the days and weeks ahead.
Will Gold Chart New Lows As USD Rises?
As the silver craze subsides and the USD rises - partly due to a better-than-expected U.S. jobless report - gold and the precious metals will be testing deeper waters.
EUR And Silver: Going Down A One-Way Street
Just when everyone and their brother thought that silver was going straight to the moon… it plunged. And that’s not the end of the decline.
1 to 16 of 162 Posts
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