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As a CFA charterholder, Radomski shares the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society. He also holds a master's degree in Finance and Banking, and is currently writing his thesis after having finished ... more

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How Do You Get Inflation Under Control?
Raise the dollar, drop the metals. Under most possible scenarios, things don’t look good for gold, silver, and mining stocks – for the medium-term.
USD Bears Are Fresh Out Of Honey Pots
The declining medium-term outlook for gold, silver, and mining stocks will eat away at the honey pot of US dollar bears. Get ready for bee stings.
Gold Downturn: Why Strong Fundamentals Are Not Everything
So much money printed. Excessive debt. Even pandemic! And gold failed to hold gains. But that’s how markets work, no matter what gold permabulls say.
On The Race To The Bottom, Miners Beat Gold
The medium-term outlook for precious metals is a bearish one, and as gold moves lower, the miners will move lower faster. Small price jumps don’t count.
Gold Miners: Last Of The Summer Wine
Autumn is just around the corner, and while the precious metals tasted some success most recently, the medium-term is still set for a downtrend.
US Economy: Inflation At The Gates?
As signs point toward a recovering US economy, Fed Chair Powell is still pushing his transitory narrative. Is high inflation temporary?
Dovish Assassins Of The USD Index
Once the momentum unfolds, ~94.5 is likely the USD Index’s first stop, ~98 is likely the next stop, and the USDX will likely exceed 100 at some point over the medium or long term.
Dollar Weakness Meaningless For Gold
Gold and junior miners declined alongside the USD Index for the second straight day. It doesn’t usually look like this… something is going on.
U.S. Economic Outlook: Gold Failing To Gain Ground
With the Delta variant upending global economic activity, the latest coronavirus strain has ground the reopening momentum to a halt.
Cyclical Nature Of Labor Day: Let’s Make Some Money On It
The U.S. Labor Day is almost there, and thus the time for gold’s rally is running out. Tick-tock, tick-tock… and then the party stops.
“Farewell, 2021 Levels…” - Can You Hear GDXJ’s Whispers?
The outlook for the precious metals sector remains very bearish for the following weeks, even though we might need to wait a few extra days for the big declines to follow.
Bittersweet Truth For Gold Stocks: What You Need To Know
If the ratio is likely to continue its decline, then on a short-term basis we can expect it to decline to 1.27 or so.
S&P 500 On A Win Streak – More Guns Aim To Take It Down
The best gamer always emerges victorious from a duel, racking up his win streak. However, being this conspicuous – who doesn’t want to take him down?
Gold - Almost As Bearish As It Gets
It seems that the precious metals sector is ready for another sizable decline.
Gold-GameStop Connection? It's An Emotions Game
There are many factors affecting gold prices on a daily basis, but… how can GameStop stock be one of them?
Still Hiding? Nothing’s Changed, Get Out Of The Bear’s Den!
Gold stocks moved higher about 4% so far this week. This is in perfect tune with what happened in 2013 and in 2000.
1 to 16 of 280 Posts
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