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Hunting for Alpha Using Supervised Machine Learning and Global Macro Analysis.
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Pej Hamidi is the founder of Alpha Insights LLC, a stand alone fund manager carved out of Compellon, his former employer specializing in prescriptive intelligence using proprietary AI and supervised machine learning.  While the majority of Pej's running models are quantitative ... more

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A Better Way To Short Volatility
Buying put options in VXX has a superior risk to reward profile compared to shorting VXX shares by limiting risk and providing positive vega exposure.
Yellow Flag Is Up Cautioning MOMO Traders - Dow Divergence In Momentum Cause For Defensive Posture
Deteriorating market internals are a clear warning of slowing momentum, suggesting caution would be prudent. Cheap OTM puts and maybe take a little off the table perhaps?
Drowning In Cash From The Perfect Storm
Northern Oil & Gas gets everything to line up in their favor, creating a tsunami of cash which becomes a self-perpetuating cycle.
Upwork: Substantial Upside Opportunity In Workforce Mobility
Upwork went public on October 3, 2018, just before the stock market went through a major dive. Following a high on March 1, this pullback offers a solid entry for a company with substantial opportunity and compelling value proposition.
How To Read Tea Leaves - The FOMC And Policy Communication
There is confusing macro outlook as US dollar strengthens, and Euro weakens. The weakness in crude oil also creates a lot of noise for investors. FOMC minutes suggest the Fed is guiding rates using statements rather than changing policy.
1 to 5 of 5 Posts