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Add Gold And Bitcoin Positions
Three interest rate hikes this year are highly unlikely, one is highly probable. Gold is near levels where it is an excellent area to add to your gold long positions. Bitcoin is in an area where it is a good chance to add to your long positions.
What's Up With Gold?
Gold is down 6% or 7% for the year and silver is down 14% or so for the year against these levels of inflation, which are at 40-year highs.
Turkey: The Canary In The Coal Mine
The market may dictate higher interest rates if there is a downgrading of US bonds. The government may also cap the long end of the market, the 30-year bond, and allow the short end of the market to invert.
Gold: Don't Look For Higher Interest Rates Anytime Soon
The dollar is artificially high at the moment because it is based on the perception that interest rates will go up.
Gold Looks Very Attractive
When gold unleashes its reversion to the mean, it will be a strong move and most people will miss it.
Gold: The Seasonal Lows Appear To Be In Place
It has been difficult to trade the metals market over the past year. The fundamentals have been indicating that gold and silver should be shooting up, yet the markets have been going up and down a great deal.
Is Stagflation A Serious Market Risk?
It has been difficult to trade the market based on fundamentals since the pandemic struck. We appear to have several new black swans on the horizon to further muddy the application of fundamentals.
Gold: Prepare For A 20% Rally From The Annual Lows Into Q1 2022
The labor market appears to be struggling less than expected. The Gold market is showing a lot of buying action.
Evergrande: The Biggest Ever China Crisis Looming
Four years ago, Grant published an article on China Evergrande and its ever rising price on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Evergrande's board of directors in 2016 earned $46 million.
Bitcoin: Moment Of Truth
Bitcoin has almost regained what it lost last week. It is showing resilience. It is trading around the weekly average price of 43687.
Gold: Stagflation Or Deflation
The CPI increased 0.3% from July. Compared to a year ago, the CPI rose 5.4% excluding food and energy.
Risk For An Economic Slowdown Increasing
The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index is at its lowest level since 2011. Retail sales dropped 1.1%, which includes inflation. So, in real terms, the drop was 1.5%, which is a huge drop in one month.
EC Gold: Preparing For Another Global Lockdown
We're heading toward what could be greater volatility in the markets as we move into the later part of this year.
SDRs May Be Subtly Becoming The New World Order Digital Currency
During the 2021 pandemic, the IMF is allocating $650 billion to meet what they said was a long-term global need for reserve assets. It is unclear why this was needed since governments were already printing huge amounts of money.
The 10 Year T-Note Yield Screams Inflation Accelerating
The yield has risen from 1.12 to 1.35, which is a significant increase in a short time.
Gold: The 2021 Annual Target Of $2164 Has Been Activated
The bond market appears to have discounted all the talk about stimulus and the threat of inflation exploding. The markets are saying that the consequences of printing the amounts of money that the government is printing is unsustainable.
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