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CEO, Equity Management Academy
The Equity Management Academy was founded based on a belief in the power of education to change lives. After thirty years of trading in markets from New York to Chicago, CEO Patrick MontesDeOca founded the Academy to pass on all he had learned about the financial markets to help traders from ...more


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Gold Futures Weekly Trend Update: What You Need To Know
Despite unexpected market drivers, the gold market exhibited smooth trading patterns, encouraging for its performance in early 2024.
Gold Price Fluctuations: A Deep Dive Into Recent Market Trends
​​​​​​​Gold prices experienced significant fluctuations due to shifting investor sentiment and key macroeconomic data.
Gold's Roller Coaster: Surprises, Signals, And Speculation In The Precious Metal Market
Gold prices remain stable after a positive week, with a focus on the Fed's decision and the October Jobs Report.
Fed's Anticipated Rate Hikes Stir Market Dynamics, Pushing Gold Prices Downwards: An Impact Analysis
Federal Reserve's anticipated sustained interest rate hikes into 2024 have impacted multiple asset classes, including gold and bonds.
Gold: A Major Bottom Is Unfolding
This week will be significant, as a potential decrease in core CPI to around +4.0% might boost the U.S. Dollar and challenge gold prices.
Slower Q2 Growth Fuels Fed's Inflation Fight: A Turning Point For The U.S. Economy?
Forecasts for Q3 GDP growth at 5.9%, but factors like student loan payments could slow growth.
Gold: A Relief Rally Coming Up
Weekly standard deviation report suggests short-term trading opportunities in gold, with a bearish trend momentum and price momentum.
Forget The Fed And Load Up The Truck With Gold
The relationship between interest rates and gold prices is complex and can vary depending on various factors. Generally, an increase in interest rates can have both positive and negative effects on gold prices.
Gold: Prepare For A Summer Rally
While the belief that rising interest rates cause gold prices to decline is widespread, historical data doesn't support a significant correlation between the two.
Gold: Debt Ceiling Deal Is Done - Here's Why A Recession And Stock Market Drop May Follow
The recent debt-ceiling deal may not bring a significant relief rally to the stock market due to concerns of an impending recession.
Gold: U.S. Debt Surpasses $31 Trillion
There is a complex and multifaceted relationship between the U.S. national debt and the price of gold, which is a popular investment and hedge against economic uncertainty.
An Inverted Yield Curve And The Price Of Gold
The gold market is currently exhibiting mixed signals, with bearish short-term trend momentum and bullish price momentum. Traders should remain cautious and monitor the market closely.
Retail Apocalypse: Gold And Silver Bottoms
For the past couple of months, inflation has been hurting the economy. Headlines are talking about a “Retail Apocalypse,” as inflation is hammering the retail business.
Gold: A Race To The Bottom
Gold came back up above the weekly Buy 2 level at $1821. $1851 is the weekly Buy 1 level with a daily target of $1856, which was completed. Now we are backtesting the $1851 level.
'Everything Is Halted': Shanghai Shutdowns Are Worsening Shortages
Shanghai shutdowns due to the COVID lockdown are worsening supply shortages globally. The shortages will probably contribute to even higher inflation.
Gold: A Yield Curve Inversion With Inflation Is Rocket Fuel For Prices
Gold is down to a buy level, where a reversion back up to the mean is highly probable. The daily average is $1940 and the weekly average is $1945.
1 to 16 of 145 Posts
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