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Euro Outlook: Why Price Caps Don’t Matter
In the last couple of days, the Euro has been drifting higher, back towards parity. It comes at a somewhat curious juncture, considering the context in the UK.
Silver Intermediate Wave (Z) To End Triple Zigzag
The XAGUSD pair seems to be forming a correction wave b of the cycle degree, which is part of the global zigzag.
Intraday Market Analysis – AUD Finds Respite
The Australian dollar struggled as the RBA slowed the pace of tightening with a mere 25bp hike. A previous break above 0.6500 flushed out some selling interests and gave the aussie a little breathing room.
XAGUSD Intermediate Wave (Z) To End Triple Zigzag
The XAGUSD pair seems to be forming a correction wave b of the cycle degree, which is part of the global zigzag. It is a primary triple zigzag Ⓦ-Ⓧ-Ⓨ-Ⓧ-Ⓩ. The first four parts of it have ended and now we see the construction of the final wave Ⓩ.
What To Expect From OPEC+
Tomorrow’s meeting of the OPEC cartel is expected to be quite an event. And not just because it’s the first time since the start of the pandemic that delegates are meeting in person.
Intraday Market Analysis – USD Rally On Pause
The Japanese yen recovered as the Tokyo core CPI beat estimates in September. The price has recouped most losses from the previous sell-off, a sign that sentiment remains upbeat despite a temporary setback.
RBA Interest Rate Decision: Another 50bps?
Normally, higher rates would be seen as good for the banking sector. So there is understandably some concern about the financial markets since Australian banking shares are down considerably despite a broad consensus that the RBA will raise rates.
USDCHF Triple Zigzag Opens New Lows!
On the 1H timeframe for the USDCHF pair, we see the final part of a large double zigzag consisting of cycle sub-waves w-x-y.
Intraday Market Analysis – EUR Gains Support
The euro recovers as record high inflation in September cements expectations for another large ECB rate hike.
The Week Ahead – Selling In Risk Assets Is Yet To End
The Australian dollar slips as commodities fall amid recession fears. The latest CPI showed annual inflation easing slightly in August, which may convince policymakers that they are on the right track.
Global September PMIs And Market Sentiment
Global markets have returned to the downward trend, helped by a series of disappointing data over the last week.
USOIL Ending Diagonal Pushes Above $100
USOIL on the 1H time-frame shows the formation of the final primary wave ⑤. This takes the form of an intermediate ending diagonal.
Intraday Market Analysis – USD In Correction Mode
The US dollar falls as GDP shows a 0.6% contraction last quarter. The pair is consolidating its gains after it rose above the double top at 0.9880. A slide below 0.9850 triggered profit-taking.
DXY Primary Corrective Trend Begins!
We talked about the situation on the DXY index a little more than two weeks ago. Its internal structure shows the completion of the global corrective trend.
Intraday Market Analysis – USD Pulls Back
The US dollar retreats as traders take profits over a crowded trade. The RSI’s oversold situation on the daily chart shows exhaustion past parity and the dollar could use some breathing room.
Global Consumer Spending And How Much Inflation Is Left
As prices around the globe increase, consumers can buy less with the same amount of money. Some consumers have the capacity to increase spending.
1 to 16 of 3381 Posts
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