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A Hold From The RBA?
Most businesses are holding off activities because they don’t know how long the government measures to combat the disease are going to last. Therefore, central banks have been under enormous pressure to provide liquidity.
Sterling Breaks To The Downside From Its Range
The pound sterling is looking to break out from its range as price slipped from the lower range on Friday.
US NFP Worse Than During The GFC
It was a historic week for US data last week. Friday’s job report reflected record weakness in US labor market conditions.
The Week Ahead: Spread Gone Wild
The US dollar bounced back as the demand for safe assets continues to rise.
WTI Maintains Strong Gains For A Second Day
WTI crude oil prices are rising higher for a second day. Prices rose over 16% into Friday’s close, led by the optimism of an OPEC supply cut.
Euro Rebounds Off Support, As Expected
The euro currency’s gradual declines pushed the currency down to the support area of 1.0787 into Friday’s close.
Euro Maintains Declines Amid A Strong USD
The euro is down another 0.8% on the day. The declines could likely see a move to the lower support level at 1.0787.
Record Drop In Gasoline Demand
Crude prices have been under pressure again this week. The latest report from the Energy Information Administration revealed a further rise in US crude inventories.
XAU/USD Breaks Down Below Support
Gold prices broke down below the support level of 1591.
GBPUSD Consolidating After A Rally
The British pound has been trading flat since late March. Prices are caught within the range of 1.2485 and 1.2277.
Euro Drops As Resistance Holds
The euro currency continues to decline after failing at the resistance level of 1.1055. Even further declines could come in the near term.
AUDUSD – Correction Continues Higher
The bigger picture is the loss of 0.6705 base support and the plunge thereafter. The AUD/USD pair printed a low of 0.5510, losing almost 1,200 pips.
Consumer Confidence Index To Plummet In March
The numbers will have much to do with the way the pandemic has changed our way of life.
GBP Rallies Despite Fitch Credit Downgrade
In the latest development to highlight the severity of the economic damage being caused by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, rating agency Fitch has downgraded the UK’s credit rating from AA to AA-.
GBPUSD Continues To Maintain A Bullish Position
The British pound is retracing some of the gains from Friday’s session. However, price action looks bullishly positioned.
XAU/USD Consolidating After A Strong Recovery
Gold prices are trading rather flat on the day following last week’s gains.
1 to 16 of 2073 Posts
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