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Nick is the President and CEO of BMG Group Inc. Widely recognized as an international bullion expert, Nick has written numerous articles on bullion and current market trends that are published on various news and business websites. He has appeared on BNN, CBC, CNBC and Sun Media, and has been ... more


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Precious Metals, The Stock Market, The Economy, Government Corruption, & More
Nick Barisheff sat down with Andrew Fisher, Nature of Reality Radio to discuss precious metals, the stock market, economy, government action and corruption & more.
MER Misleads Investors When Choosing Mutual Funds
Investors are often advised to avoid mutual funds with high Management Expense Ratios (MER), which are frequently confused with management fees.
Owning Physical Gold And Silver
Is physical ownership of precious metals the right way to hold them in your portfolio? We tackle the issues of security, the costs of securing physical metals, as well as many benefits you may not know about.
The Irrational Bias Against Gold
With today’s financial vulnerabilities and overpriced equities and bond markets, not to speak of depreciating currencies, precious metals are set to rise dramatically while traditional financial assets decline.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts