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Nick is the President and CEO of BMG Group Inc. Widely recognized as an international bullion expert, Nick has written numerous articles on bullion and current market trends that are published on various news and business websites. He has appeared on BNN, CBC, CNBC and Sun Media, and has been ... more


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The Use Of Margin Accounts To Supplement Cash Flow
Margin accounts tend to have negative connotations for most investors, because using a margin account to leverage the purchase of additional securities can be risky if the investment declines.
Missing The Opportunity Of A Lifetime
Most investors have bought into Wall Street’s mantra of always staying invested. While this strategy may work for institutions during a bull market as we have had for the last 20 years, today it is not the best strategy for individual investors.
Dealers Putting Clients’ Retirements In Jeopardy
Over time, most investment dealers have implemented misguided policies that will negatively affect their clients’ investment portfolios and their ability to achieve a secure retirement.
The Perfect Storm For Gold
In December 1997, The Financial Times ran an article entitled “The Death of Gold.” Since then, the gold price in US dollars has increased 519I% from $288 to $1,780.
Gold Still Shines For Clients' Portfolios, But Watch China's Moves
Here's my to a recent commentary that gold’s place in the investment world was being eclipsed by Bitcoin.
How Pension Funds Can Secure Retirement Benefits After COVID
While equity markets have recovered, the economy will not for years and the effect of lockdowns is still playing out.
Debts Lift Gold
Precious metal prices will rise on a deluge of red ink.
What Does Money Mean To You? Alternate Investments – Gold And Silver
What does money mean to you? A stack of crisp paper bills? Numbers on a screen? 
Precious Metals: The Foundation Of A Sound Financial Portfolio
Precious metals are the bedrock of the financial world. They have permanent value and are the oldest form of money in the world. If you don’t own physical gold and silver, your investment portfolio lacks a sound foundation.
Gold: Insurance For Prudent Investors
The best insurance is the kind you hope you’ll never need. Bullion can provide peace of mind and wealth preservation for posterity.
The U.S. Presidential Election, The Economy, And Gold: How To Prepare For The Coming Market Crash
Global stock markets suffered the worst first quarter in their history in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic rattled markets. After slowing 5% in the first three months of 2020, the U.S. economy shrank by a whopping 33% in the second quarter.
Do You Own Your Gold?
It’s essential for individuals and financial advisors to read and understand what they are buying or selling to their clients before exchanging hard-earned cash for a precious metals investment.
100% Gold Portfolio
While it is a totally contrarian viewpoint, instead of talking about allocating 10% – 20% to gold in your portfolio, start with 100%.
A Simple Way To Preserve Your Wealth Amid Uncertainty
The term ‘unprecedented’ has been used to explain 2020 throughout the world.
The Illusion Of Owning Gold
Gold-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and similar products account for a significant part of the gold market, with institutional and individual investors using them to implement many of their investment strategies.
Understanding The Current Investment Reality
Gold has been misunderstood and ignored by retail investors, financial advisors and pension managers as a critical portfolio asset during normal market conditions.
1 to 16 of 30 Posts
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