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Nenad Kerkez, also going by the stage name “tarantula”, is a multiple award winning co-founder of Elite CurrenSea. A savvy market analysis, an author of multiple trading methods and education courses, Nenad is a regular contributor to Forex Factory, FXStreet, FXEmpire,, ... more


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Fibonacci Levels For Best Targets And Exits - August 17
Nenad and Chris explain how Fibonacci levels are of immense importance for determining take profit levels. Additionally, this webinar will show you some other Fibonacci tools and retracements that haven't been commonly used but are very effective.
New Principles On Range Bar Trading
Range bar trading is very attractive to people who don't want to get deeper into price action. Range bars show pre-defined price movement by removing excess noise in the market and highlighting "real" price movements.
Two Trading Methods Using Renko Bars In Forex Market
Renko bars provide an alternative and interesting way of viewing the charts via a new paradigm. Renko removes the need for time and volume and fully focuses on price movement. We explain what renko is and how to use it for S&R and trading signals.
Forex Recap: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD - June 21,2016
Detailed recap of major currencies.
Scammers In Forex Market
From e-mails promising huge sums of money to fraudsters offering too good to be true investments, Forex scammers are on the prowl and many traders are falling prey to them. Learn how to recognize a scammer in this video presentation.
Fundamental Outlook For Remainder Of 2016
The 2016 trading year has shown significant volatility during its first 4 months. Many questions arise such as how will the central banks and other main actors respond to these market developments?
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