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Nenad Kerkez, also going by the stage name “tarantula”, is a multiple award winning co-founder of Elite CurrenSea. A savvy market analysis, an author of multiple trading methods and education courses, Nenad is a regular contributor to Forex Factory, FXStreet, FXEmpire,, ... more


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GBP/JPY Bullish Trend Might Come To A Halt Soon
The GBP/JPY is bullish but it is coming close to a resistance. 149.80-150.00 will be a hard nut to crack.
EUR/USD 2 POC Zones For Further Upward Continuation
The EUR/USD is bullish and the retracement is almost completed. We could see a move to the upside soon.
USD/CAD Downtrend Continuation Below The M Pattern
The USD/CAD is bearish and we can even spot the M pattern at support. New lows are expected.
Gold 1-2-3s Are The Best Trades So Far
The downside potential of Gold is big. Gold has been the best so far to trade as short traders enjoyed very good profits.
NZD/USD Upside Potential Is Big
The upside potential in the NZD/USD is still big. The price is making higher lows and swings to the upside have been big so far. 
Gold Sellers Are Waiting In The Ambush
Gold is still bearish. The market is pretty rangy this week so far, but we expect some volatility today and especially tomorrow before and during the FOMC.
USD/JPY Make It Or Break It
The USD/JPY is having a retracement but the price has come into the decision zone. It makes it or breaks it for the pair.
Gold Continuation Of Bearish Move Still Very Possible
Gold has completed the SHS pattern but we need to see the breakout below the neckline. Bears are having the upper hand.
Gold Possible Drop After The Retracement
Gold is looking to continue further down although we could say that the pattern has been completed. 
USD/CAD Traders Are Preparing For Longs
The USD/CAD is bouncing off the support and we should see an uptrend move. Will it be a swing or intraday we will know after today’s price action.
DAX Is Extremely Bullish But Close To Monthly Resistance
DAX is very strong, and it’s in an uptrend without big retracements. However, it is getting close to monthly resistance.
Gold Getting Close To Possible Shorts
Gold is having a retracement in a downtrend. Yesterday, the price tanked making a fresh low and today we might see a sell-off in the 78.6-88.6 zone.
GBP/USD Entering The Zonal Support
The GBP/USD has formed a retracement pattern and could be going up straight from the POC zone. The market is at support, bounce is expected.
Silver Falling Like A Stone
Silver made a bounce and it was expected to drop. The drop happened at important resistance so we are close to the POC zone now.
GBP/CAD Sellers Are Waiting In The Ambush
The GBP/CAD is having a retracement. The price is getting close to overbought levels and we could see a drop soon.
GBP/JPY Bulls Are Dominating
GBP/JPY is bullish. The price is above the D H5 and we should see a continuation to the upside.
1 to 16 of 301 Posts
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