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Neena Mishra, CFA, FRM is the Director of ETF Research for Zacks Investment Research. She earlier worked with Zacks for three years as a Senior Financial Services Analyst, after about 15 years with the Reserve Bank of India, the Indian equivalent of the Federal Reserve Board, where she ... more


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Semiconductor ETFs: What Investors Need To Know
We discuss the four most popular chip ETFs and how investors can use them.
Should You Buy Gold ETFs Now?
Gold has surged about 12% in the past month and is close to its highest level in six years now, thanks mainly to investors’ search for safer assets amid rising market uncertainty and geopolitical tensions.
Why Millennial ETFs Are Beating The Market
There are a couple of ETFs that are designed to benefit from the spending habits of millennials. Both of them have significantly beaten the broader market since their inception but have failed to see much interest from investors.
Marijuana ETFs Head-To-Head
Investor interest in marijuana stocks continues to rise, particularly since the legalization of pot for recreational use in Canada last year.
Space ETFs: Invest In The Final Frontier
According to Morgan Stanley, the global space industry could generate revenue of $1.1 trillion or more in 2040, up from ~$350 billion in 2018. The Procure Space ETF provides a convenient way to invest in the fast-growing space industry.
FV Here's Why You Should Invest In Robotics ETFs
Robots and AI are improving and becoming an integral part of our lives. Will we see more robots in our day-to-day lives?
Here's Why India ETFs Are Soaring
Emerging market stocks have rebounded in 2019, after a brutal sell-off late last year, thanks mainly to a dovish Fed and a soft dollar. Indian stocks and the rupee have surged this month.
FV Top-Performing ETFs Of The 10-Year Bull-Run
The bull looked too tired at times and many experts predicted its demise with slowing global growth and rising trade tensions, but it has managed to survive so far. Many ETFs have crushed the broader indexes during this period.
Zero Fee ETFs: What You Need To Know
As funds accumulate assets, it becomes easier for providers to cut fees due to economies of scale. Many ETF providers also generate additional income through security lending.
4 ETFs To Invest In Soaring Semiconductor Stocks
Semiconductor stocks have surged this year after suffering a steep decline in December. The PHLX semiconductor index is up about 17% in 2019.
Why You Should Buy High Quality ETFs For 2019
These ETFs hold stocks with excellent earnings record and strong balance sheets. Such stocks hold up rather well during market swings.
Why Real Estate ETFs Are Beating The S&P 500
While rising rates hurt REITs earlier this year, they have rebounded nicely over the past two months as investors are rotating to more defensive areas.
Top Ranked Value ETFs For Long Term Investors
Numerous academic studies have shown that value stocks delivered higher returns with lower volatility compared with growth stocks, over the long term, in almost all the markets studied. Therefore, they should be a part of any ‘core’ portfolio.
Most Interesting New ETFs
The ETF industry continues to grow at a healthy pace. 247 new ETFs have launched in the US this year so far.
ETFs & Tax Efficiency: What Investors Need To Know
Mutual funds are infamous for causing tax headaches to unsuspecting investors. Many investors do not know that ETFs are very tax efficient especially compared with mutual funds.
Time To Buy The Beaten-Down Emerging Market ETFs?
After soaring in 2017, emerging market stocks suffered a brutal sell-off this year. Some investors are now scooping up these beaten down stocks as the longer-term outlook for many developing countries remains positive.
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