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Neena Mishra, CFA, FRM is the Director of ETF Research for Zacks Investment Research. She earlier worked with Zacks for three years as a Senior Financial Services Analyst, after about 15 years with the Reserve Bank of India, the Indian equivalent of the Federal Reserve Board, where she ... more


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FV Here's Why You Should Invest In Water ETFs
Water is essential to life, and while we usually take it for granted, it is a precious commodity with a limited supply.
Top Performing ETFs Of The First Half
After a remarkable run in 2020, stocks continued their rally in the first half of 2021. Most strategists believe that the rally will continue into the second half, boosted by strong economic recovery and earnings growth.
FV Should You Buy Biotech ETFs Now?
Instead of trying to pick winners in this volatile space, it is better to invest in broader biotech ETFs that stand to benefit from increased investor interest and rising spending on drugs and healthcare all over the world.
3 ETFs To Protect Against Inflation
Popular inflation hedges include gold, commodities, real estate, natural resource stocks, and Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS). However, stocks with strong pricing power also tend to perform well during periods of rising inflation.
Should You Invest In Bitcoin, Coinbase Or Blockchain ETFs?
Bitcoin has almost doubled this year and is up about 700% over the past year.
FV Best Performing ETFs Of Q1 2021
Stocks have started the second quarter on a strong note, thanks to optimism generated by President Biden’s massive infrastructure plan and the blowout March jobs report.
3 ETFs To Invest In Cheapest Value Stocks
Value stocks are more sensitive to economic swings than growth stocks.
3 ETFs To Follow Robinhood & Reddit Investing Frenzy
As retail traders have shown the ability to move stocks, many institutional investors want to follow their trades and use in their own trading models.
4 ETFs To Invest In Shining Semiconductor Stocks
Semiconductor ETFs continue to outperform the broader market thanks to surging demand for chips from manufacturers of everything from smartphones to cars, laptops, PCs, video games, and data centers.
Investing With Thematic ETFs In 2021
2020 was the year of thematic ETFs. Investors poured a lot of money into ETFs focused on themes like cloud computing, e-commerce, disruptive growth, work from home, and video gaming.
Can Cloud Computing ETFs Keep Soaring?
The global cloud computing market has been growing fast and could top $300 billion this year. The move to the cloud accelerated during the pandemic and is likely to continue in view of the digital transformation.
Big Tech, Tesla & Cloud Computing ETFs
Technology giants had led the market higher for most of 2020. These companies posted better than expected earnings recently as they continue to benefit from the digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic. 
A Deep Dive Into ARK ETFs
ARK has been one of the biggest stories in the ETF world lately. With an incredible asset growth of more than 1000%, ARK is now a top 10 ETF issuer.
FV Biggest ETF Winners From Coronavirus Vaccine News
The hope that the vaccine might return life to normal sent economically sensitive stocks soaring. Stay at home stocks plunged while stocks that benefit from reopening surged. Safe haven areas like gold and government bonds fell.
EC Why Cannabis Stocks & ETFs Are Soaring
Medical use of marijuana is now legal in 33 states and in the District of Columbia, while its recreational use is legal in 11 states and DC. Some more states are expected to legalize marijuana’s recreational use soon.
Ultra-Popular QQQ ETF Gets Cheaper Siblings
Last week, Invesco expanded the QQQ family by launching four new products--two ETFs, one MF, and one UIT.
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