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Neena Mishra, CFA, FRM is the Director of ETF Research for Zacks Investment Research. She earlier worked with Zacks for three years as a Senior Financial Services Analyst, after about 15 years with the Reserve Bank of India, the Indian equivalent of the Federal Reserve Board, where she ... more


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2 High Income ETFs Crushing The S&P 500
Some ETFs that use options to hedge against market losses and pay juicy dividends have been quite popular with investors.
Is The Worst Over For Semiconductor Stocks & ETFs?
Semiconductor stocks had taken a beating this year, due to fears about global economic slowdown and soaring input costs.
Why China Stocks & ETFs Are Soaring
Chinese stocks have rebounded strongly over the past few days as Beijing announced easing of zero-covid policies and support for the struggling housing market.
Why Managed Futures ETFs Surged In 2022
2022 has been a very challenging year for investors as most major asset classes are down significantly and there have been very few places to hide. One small area that has managed to shine is managed futures.
Why Aerospace & Defense ETFs Are Rising
Aerospace and defense stocks have rallied lately with rising geopolitical tensions.
Best & Worst Performing ETFs Of Q3 2022
Clean energy funds were among the top-performing ETF areas as the war in Ukraine accelerated the transition to renewable energy.
Excellence Capitalism & Anti-ESG ETFs
The US energy industry was the most impacted by the rise in ESG investing as it vastly reduced investments in domestic oil and gas exploration and production.
Most Interesting New ETFs
Here are three very interesting ETFs that made their debut in the past few weeks.
Financials ETFs: Can The Rebound Continue?
Bank stocks have rebounded since mid-June as some investors believe that much of the bad news is already priced in and valuations look attractive at current levels.
Why Long-Short ETFs Are Beating The Market
In a long-short investment strategy, the fund goes long stocks that are expected to outperform the market, while taking short positions in stocks that are likely to underperform.
Best & Worst Performing ETFs Of 1H22
Commodities, particularly oil and natural gas, were among the best performers, as they benefitted from disruptions caused by the war.
Did Safe Haven ETFs Protect Your Portfolio From Market Turmoil?
Historically, safe-haven assets like the US dollar, gold, treasury bonds, and the Japanese yen have provided some protection during periods of immense market turmoil, but this year is just different.
Can Value ETFs Continue To Outperform Growth?
Most value stocks are mature, dividend-paying companies that are being favored by investors currently. These stocks tend to hold up better in a rising rate and high inflation environment.
3 ETFs To Fight Surging Food Inflation
Inflation is now running at its 40-year high, and the food index is one of the three biggest contributors lately.
Can Energy ETFs Stay Hot?
In general, investments in oil and natural gas have been declining as governments and investors prefer green energy but the transition to renewables would take many years.
Should You Buy Travel Stocks & ETFs Now?
Travel stocks have taken off lately as Covid-related restrictions are being lifted in many countries. This summer is expected to be the busiest travel season since the start of the pandemic.
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