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Neena Mishra, CFA, FRM is the Director of ETF Research for Zacks Investment Research. She earlier worked with Zacks for three years as a Senior Financial Services Analyst, after about 15 years with the Reserve Bank of India, the Indian equivalent of the Federal Reserve Board, where she ... more


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Best Stocks & ETFs For Artificial Intelligence
Exponential advancements in AI have changed the nature of computing, making Moore’s law irrelevant.
ETF Investment Strategies For Second Half Of 2021
Continued economic recovery and record earnings growth could support the market rally in the second half but investors remain concerned about rising inflation and new Covid-19 variants.
Best Stocks & ETFs For Your Roth IRA
IRAs allow investors to buy individual stocks, bonds, ETFs or mutual funds.ETFs are excellent tools for retirement investors since they provide an easy way to build a diversified portfolio at a low cost.
Best ETF Ideas For The Second Half Of 2021
A discussion on the market outlook and best strategies for the second half of 2021.
Can Energy Stocks & ETFs Continue Their Hot Streak?
Crude prices are up more than 40% this year and 80% over the past year as the demand outlook continues to improve with economies around the world opening up.
Lumber Mania, Timber ETFs & More
Lumber prices have skyrocketed this year, mainly due to disruptions caused by the pandemic and unprecedented demand from the housing markets. They have come down slightly after reaching a record high earlier this month.
A Deep Dive Into The Top Performing ETF
In this episode of ETF Spotlight, I speak with John Kartsonas , Managing Partner, Breakwave Advisors, about the shipping industry and the Breakwave Dry Bulk Shipping ETF (BDRY), which is the best performing ETF year-to-date.
Best Biotech Stocks & ETFs For MRNA, Gene Editing
2020 was the most challenging year in decades but it was great for scientific innovation, particularly in the biotech space.
Best ETFs For Long-Term Investors
2020 was a great year for ETFs, with inflows exceeding $500 billion. Investors prefer ETFs now as they are generally more tax-efficient, cheaper, and easier to trade.
Best ETF Investment Strategies For Q2 2021
With the US vaccine rollout gaining momentum, investors expect the economy to rebound strongly.
Follow Dave Portnoy & Reddit Rebellion With These ETFs
Breaking down the top holdings of BUZZ; how do you track FOMO?
Top ETF Stories Of 2020 & Picks For 2021
2020 is turning out to be another banner year for ETF asset gathering, with year-to-date inflows exceeding $500 billion, while a similar amount has flown out of mutual funds.
Ultra-Popular QQQ ETF Expands Its Family
In October, Invesco launched the QQQ Innovation Suite, which includes a mutual fund, a UIT, and two ETFs.
Tesla, Big Tech, LOUP ETF & More
2020 has been a remarkable year for tech giants as they were among the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic driven disruptions.
Should You Buy Cannabis Stocks & ETFs Now?
Cannabis stocks & ETFs have done quite well over the past few weeks as a Biden administration is expected to support decriminalization of recreational marijuana and legalization of medicinal marijuana at the federal level.
Best Thematic ETFs: Telemedicine, Cloud, IoT...
Thematic ETFs benefit from long-term trends that are transforming the way we live.
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