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Worldwide: Common Sense Revolutions Have Started

Date: Sunday, February 12, 2017 1:45 PM EDT

Mankind is hardwired to understand darkness.  That is why the light bulb was invented.  Technological advancements helped to provide light, but when brightly lit chandeliers starts creating even more darkness, it’s not the smoke and mirrors, but only common sense that will enable us to find the way out.

Common sense; the most power tool gifted to mankind to navigate in darkness and on crossroads of life has awakened.  Simultaneously, all over the world, somehow, this powerful tool, over recent decades, lost its compass, compressed by overpowering dogmatic fake agendas. Current awakening and realization of facts are erupting silent revolutions of new thoughts across the vast lands.  In fact it is happening all over the world; quiet and sudden regime changes are lined up. Fake and fabricated brain washing and elimination of political correctness has now liberated masses all over the world.  People are speaking. Plain talk emerges; bold common sense questioning starts and new global mindshare are emerging.

The Truth unfolds: The decades of fooling all the people all the times are almost over.

A revolution of common sense rises worldwide: Common sense defined as simple global age awareness and response to commonly visible realities on the ground.  All of this is more about informed deployment of common sense and not to be confused with the super twisted and moronic 100 years old notion of measuring success by IQ, which is designed to measure and differentiate idiotic responses of monkeys to human savants. At the height of popularity in 70s, highly skilled and talented people were pushed as they failed the ‘monkey graph’, businesses finally dropped the IQ standard for hiring.

Success of any global dialogue is hidden in its extreme simplicity; the hidden words, thoughts and sequence of simple logic lead to victory. Here is the starting point.

FACT: The global populace surprisingly and suddenly has become far smarter from it was in 2000

The power of knowledge amongst spectators filling a large stadium in 2000 located anywhere is the world is a thousand times more powerful and realistic today.  It is nurtured by massive around the clock global access to earth shattering online communication.  Today’s populace fully understands how the constant agenda centric media finally reaching breaking points; in juxtaposition to a deeper appreciation of commonsensical realization of facts on the ground to fully grasp the picture in pursuit of truth.

How naïve were the spectators in the filled circuses of the world stage in 2000. Akin to a time, when cheering dying gladiators was the norm…history sings again.

The current masses are far smarter today than they have ever been in the recent decades. Some two billion alpha dreamers are clicking away as their advancing silent revolutionary marches on the global psyche. Humming vibrations is the sound of clicking. Listen, it is the sound of people moving toward with better understanding of the true roots of creating prosperity.  

TEST: Study, what are the top five things that surround and dominate your life?  Carefully study them and ask why such calamities are in full control and STILL make no sense? Are there hidden answers, somewhere, anywhere? Who will provide the answer? Why is common sense only for deaf ears? Why? Why? Why?

This column is almost banned for academic arguments and scientific proofs. The academic and IQ lobby has not yet determined such massive measurements of mankind’s awareness because such topics are more than just check lists overflowing their clipboards.  These issues are mankind’s common sense issues on a massive global scale. This debate in broad strokes and global wavelengths is defining the current uplift of global voice which is changing our understanding of mankind. This is beyond, research projects, focus groups and animal testing in labs; this is probing the calls of humanity and challenging the distorted prisms showcasing fake and hologramic economies and wide open abuse of mankind.

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